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Bible Leaf Frames

Bible Leaf Framing

We do not offer framing services. Your Bible Leaf will be shipped to you in an envelope, with its authenticity certificate, all placed into a larger stiff cardboard box... ready for you to have it framed.

We are often asked for advice about the framing of Bible leaves. Below are the most frequently asked questions, and their answers.

What are the methods of framing a Bible Leaf?

There are essentially two methods of framing a Bible Leaf: "Traditional Framing" and "Float Framing".

"Traditional Framing" means that you select a wooden frame that suits your taste and decor, and you select a matt board of your preferred color and texture.

The matt hole is generally cut larger than the leaf, so that the edges of the leaf are visible. The leaf is attached to the backing-paper with acid-free two-sided mounting tape, placed between the leaf and the backing paper. Alternately, you may simply use the matt board itself as the backing material, and place the leaf on top of the matt board, and then there is no need to cut any hole in the matt. The photos shown below use this simple technique. 

This result looks very decorative and appealing, however only one side of the leaf is visible.

"Float Framing" means that there is no matt board, and no backing material... just a wooden frame, and there are two (2) panes of glass or acrylic. The leaf "floats" suspended between the two panes of glass or acrylic. This enables you to see both sides of the Bible Leaf.

Is any special care or special handling of the leaf required?

No... Bible leaves are not fragile, and they do not need to be handled with great care or with white gloves. These pages of ancient Bibles have been handled and turned by countless generations of people for hundreds of years. They are made of thick 100% cotton, like bed sheets. They are not made of cheap wood pulp, like the pages of modern books made today. Ancient Bible leaves are very strong and durable.

Should special UV-light-filtering glass be used?

No... This is not really necessary. So-called "UV-filtering glass" only filters out the majority of UV (Ultra-Violet) light rays... so some UV light, a natural component of sunlight and incandescent light bulb light, is going to get through anyway. Just do not hang the framed Bible leaf in an area where it would receive direct-line-of-sight-to-the-sun. Ambient sunlight in the room is fine... but not direct sunlight. If you want to spend a few extra dollars on so-called "UV-filtering glass", go ahead, but it is really not necessary. 

Should the leaf be sealed air-tight?

No... This is also not necessary, and attempts to make an "air-tight" seal are an over-reaction to preserving a framed Bible leaf. These leaves are centuries old, and they have been exposed to the air for centuries. You cannot produce a truly "air-tight" seal outside of a professional laboratory anyway, and if you did, you would need to replace the air with an inert gas, such as argon, like they use in the manufacturing of insulated double-pane windows ... and I think we can all agree that this would be a laughably absurd  extreme to go to in framing a Bible leaf. 

Is there a very quick and inexpensive way of framing a Bible leaf, instead of custom-framing?

Absolutely, yes! With the exception of our largest leaves, (which generally do require custom framing due to their size); you do not have to go to a framing shop and do more costly custom framing. You can walk into any Wal-Mart, or K-Mart, or Target, or Hobby Shop, or other common Department Store, and just buy an off-the-shelf pre packaged, standard-size frame and mat set. Of course, you can also order frames online at any of the major retail store websites or framing websites. Many of our customers have reported a great experience, great selection, and great pricing, with: 

Non-custom, ready-made frames generally come in all the standard sizes, such as 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 8.5 x 11, 11x 14, etc. Often, they are prices at just $10 to $30. Some are desgined to hang on the wall, and other frames are designed to stand upright on a bookshelf or table top.

What if I also want a plaque on my frame that explains the Bible Leaf that is in the frame?

That is cheap, quick, and easy. Just go to any local Trophy Shop or Engraving Shop (or of course, this service is also available through countless online merchants), and have a little brass plate etched to say whatever you want  it to say. They generally cost about $5. You can then attach it to the matt board with adhesive, or attach it to the wooden frame itself, (as museums do), if you prefer. Below is a photo example of little brass plates that are about 3/4 of an inch by 4 inches, which we have used on framed leaves displayed in our showroom.

If you have other questions or concerns about framing your Bible Leaf, just Contact Us.

Large Bible Leaf Frame
Large Frame
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Regular Size Bible Leaf Frame
Regular Frame
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brass plates for leaf frames
Brass Name Plates

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