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Our "Bible Leaves as Fund Raisers" Program

Are you looking for a great way to raise money for your church or organization?

We have helped everyone from small churches to huge national ministries raise anywhere from a few thousand dollars… up to a million dollars… in a very short period of time using our Bible Leaves as a donor incentive or donor appreciation gift. Our program is very simple, and it involves no risk, no obligation, and no up-front purchase of anything (except perhaps one leaf as a display sample). It is proven successful.

Consider this: Have you ever watched a fund-raising “telethon” on television? How do they raise money? They use donor incentives or donor appreciation gifts. You’ve seen it before…

“… and for those giving $100 or more, we would like to send you this
lovely tote bag with our logo on it. If you are able to give $200 or more,
we would like to give you this limited edition paper weight…”

We don’t want to re-invent the wheel here. Let’s use what already works… but here’s an idea: Instead of giving away worthless trinkets like tote bags and paper weights… give your people a genuine original ancient printing of the Word of God to display in their homes!

Here is the secret to success in fund raising: you must use a donor incentive that has two critical qualities:

Take a look, for example, at our Most Affordable King James Bible Leaves. When you order as few as just ten leaves, you are paying less than $30 each for them. Then, if you offer them to donors of $100 or more, you are keeping over 70% (over $70) of the money raised for your group. If you offer them to donors of $200 or more, you are keeping over 85% (over $170) of the money raised for your group. It’s up to you. Think about it: if you offer a leaf to people who give $100 or more… and the offer of the leaf increases the total quantity of donations you receive by just a modest 30% increase or more… you come out ahead. But, it should not increase your revenue by 30%... it should increase your revenue by an average of at least 100% in our experience… making your fund-raiser much more successful! It also has the added benefit of putting the Word of God on the walls in the homes of many of your congregation members, which is frequently a great tool for them to share their faith with visitors.

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about how this works:

How do I present this to my congregation?

It’s easy. Stand up before them, holding an example of one of our leaves in a nice frame, and say something like this:

“ As you know, we are trying to raise money to send the youth on a missions trip to Mexico. To help accomplish this, we have partnered with the World’s largest dealer of rare Bibles to make a special offer to those of you who want to help sponsor this. For those of you who are able to give a tax-deductible gift of just $100 or more; we would like to give you one of these beautiful genuine original leaves from an ancient printing of the King James Bible, done in the first half of the 1600’s. Please understand that these leaves are not “facsimiles” or “reprints” or “reproductions” of any kind. They are genuine, original, ancient printings of God’s Word that came off a printing press nearly 400 years ago. These Bible leaves sell for $200 to $300 in gallerias across America. I will put this example on the table down here so you can come take a closer look at it after the service. If you would like to receive one, just come see me. You will be helping to fund our missions trip, and getting a beautiful genuine original ancient printing of God’s Word to display in your home.”

You might also print up an insert explaining this, and put it in the Church Bulletin.

Then what do I do?

Then you collect all the checks, count up how many leaves you need, and call us to place your order using any major credit card, for the exact number of leaves you need. We will ship your order the SAME DAY via FED EX OVERNIGHT at no charge to you for shipping. You will have all your leaves (and their accompanying brochures and authenticity certificates) the NEXT DAY. Your people will have their leaves the next time you meet.

And remember… the beauty of this is… you did not order a bunch of leaves, and then drop to your knees and pray that this works! You only order the exact number of leaves you need, AFTER you have the money in hand from your donors. There is no risk, nothing to buy up front (except one display sample leaf which you can keep for your home) and no “inventory” left over. You can’t lose. Can you see why this is THE most easy and successful fund raising program for American churches today?

What if someone wants a specific passage rather than a random leaf?

No problem. Those leaves can cost YOU two or three times as much, depending on the selected passage… so you might want to tell people who require a specific passage that a $200 donation is required, rather than $100, for receiving a specific verse. Most people will not require this, but we can easily accommodate those who do. Just call us any time to discuss the details on any special requests.

What about frames for these leaves?

If you want to offer these leaves framed, you may want to ask for a little bit larger donation. I must emphasize here that MOST GROUPS DO NOT BOTHER WITH GETTING THE LEAVES FRAMED. They leave that up to the recipient of the leaf, and save themselves the trouble. If, however, you really want to go the extra mile, and give your youth group something to do to help… here’s a little tip for you:

After you know how many leaves you need to have framed, and have collected the money:

1. Go down to a discount department-type store such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. Pick up some of their inexpensive wooden 8” by 10” frames (typically made in China or Mexico) that are quite lovely, yet cost only $7 to $10 each. Remove the mats and discard them.

2. Stop at the frame shop and buy some cheap uncut (no hole in the middle) mat boards for 8” by 10” frame insertion. Get some two-sided mounting tape (sticky on both sides) while you are there.
These mat boards should be less than $5 each.

3. Stop at your local trophy shop or engraving shop, and have them etch a few little 4” by 1” brass plates for you (with sticky tape on the back) that say something like “Leaf from a King James Bible – Printed Before 1650”. These plates should cost less than $3 each.

You now have around $15 or so invested in a frame, mat, and plate for each leaf. Stick the leaf to the center of the mat board, stick the plate on the bottom center of the mat below the leaf, place it in the frame… done. You can have the youth group come to the church on Saturday afternoon and do all the labor. It should not take a group of a half-dozen people them more than 30 to 60 minutes to assemble several dozen of these.

Remember: IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DO THIS. Most groups do not take on the additional task of framing the leaves… but if you want to, you will probably raise even more money as a result.
If you are hesitant to take on this addition work… don’t do it… just offer the leaves unframed, and keep it simple.

What are the two biggest mistakes people make with this project?

ONE: They try to “pitch the idea” to the group of “decision makers” (the elder board, the deacons, the fund-raising committee, etc.) by just TALKING ABOUT IT, and NOT actually having a sample of one of these stunningly beautiful leaves in their hand at that moment. That’s the “kiss of death”. You will never get the idea off the ground and approved by the decision makers unless you SHOW THEM an ACTUAL SAMPLE Bible Leaf with the lovely historical brochure and authenticity certificate. Believe me… I know what I am talking about. It’s a FACT that only one out of ten people who inquire about our program are able to get it approved by their church, and that is because they did not SHOW the decision makers actual examples of the leaves. It’s also a FACT that of the tiny minority that DO get “approval” to try this, 100% of them make a large amount of money in as little as one day.

TWO: They make the mistake of NOT emphasizing to the congregation that these leaves are “NOT facsimiles, reprints, or reproductions of any kind. They are genuine, original, ancient printings that are four centuries old”. Every person in the room needs to understand that… and then, you will have success immediately.

What if I am trying to raise money for a large organization, and not a room full of people in an individual church?

Then, you can put together a printed offer, and send it out to everyone on your mailing list, and the donations will roll in. Also, you may want to try the alternative method of simply sending out 50 to 500 or more of these leaves… as unexpected “thank you gifts” of appreciation to the largest existing donors on your list. Don’t ask them for anything… and watch what happens! Many of them will respond by deciding to send in very large donations. This technique has been known to produce much greater results than any other approach.

What if I have additional questions?

CONTACT US at any time via email or our toll-free phone number.