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Our Most Affordable Bible Leaves : Three-Leaf Sets

King James | Geneva Bible | 1791 Collins Bible | [Three-Leaf Sets]

Set of Three Bible Leaves

Set of All Three Leaves:

Imagine a complete set of each of these rare treasures gracing the wall in your home; an impressive conversation piece, and a collection to be admired and cherished for years. These examples show the progression of English Bible printing over the centuries, from the Geneva Bible of the 1500’s, to the King James Bible of the 1600’s, to the Collins American Family Bible of the 1700’s. Whether framed and displayed in your home, or given as a wonderfully unique gift: it is sure to draw attention.

Plus… when you order the set of all three Bible leaves, you also receive a free copy of our 110-page spiral-bound book, “The Forbidden Book: The Story of the Chain-Breakers”. This fascinating book goes into greater detail than the English Bible History page of our website. It gives you the “Big Picture” regarding how we got the Bible in the English language, and the many versions that were translated and printed from the 1300’s through the 1700’s. Featuring an expanded timeline, and several full-color pages; this is a valuable addition to any Christian’s library. The amazing story of the preservation of God’s Word throughout the centuries is so vividly brought to life… we think you will find it hard to put this book down.



ITEM # TLS-1: $75 - three random leaves (we select a passage)
ITEM # TLS-2: $129 – three leaves of your chosen “non-premium” passage
ITEM # TLS-3: $199 to $349 – three “premium” passage leaves of your choice
Click Here for a definition of “premium” vs. “non-premium” passages.

Special Gift Packs Available – From under $75 per set:
ITEM # TLS-5: $399– a pack of 5 random three-leaf-sets, and 5 books
ITEM # TLS-10: $749– a pack of 10 random three-leaf-sets, and 10 books
A GREAT idea for wedding party gifts, Christmas gift lists, fund-raising, etc.

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