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1810 John Wycliffe New Testament
Item # 1810AS

John Wycliffe's 1380 NT Manuscript Re-Print

1810 - The new Testament in English translated by John Wycliffe circa MCCCLXXX. (1380).

The New Testament, translated from the Latin, in the year 1380, by John Wiclif, D.D. to which are prefixed memoirs of the life, opinions, and writings of Dr. Wiclif; and an historical account of the Saxon and English Versions of the Scriptures, previous to the opening of the fifteenth century. By the Rev. Henry Hervey Baber.

A reprint of the later Wycliffite version, as edited by Lewis, and published in 1731. Edited, with new preliminary matter, by H.H.Baber, Assistant Librarian of the British Museum.

A portrait of Wycliffe stands as frontispiece. Preliminary matter, lxxii pp. Text with Glossary, 275 pp.

A fine copy!




Just The Facts

Item # 1810AS

NT Title Page: 1810
Size: 13 x 10 x 12"
Font: Roman

Additional Features:

End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $9,500

Sale Price: $3,500

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