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1536 Wicked Mammon
, Item # EB1003

[Tyndale, William.] The Parable of the Wicked Mammon. Compiled in the yere of our Lord M.D.xxxvi. W.T. Romans.iii. Chap. We hold e that a man is iustified by fayth, without the workes of the laws. [colophon: London: William Copland, 1536.]

1536 printing of Tyndale’s great theological work on the Lutheran Reformation doctrine of justification by faith, which first appeared in 1528. Foolscap octavo. Complete. A-H8, I6. With the preface “To the Reader.”

Very nice internally. New binding of panelled calf, gilt extra, red morocco spine label by Starr Bookworks of Arizona. Marbled endpapers. All edges gilt.


Ancient Bible

Please Note:  This is a low-resolution photo, which shows the format, but makes reading the text nearly impossible.  In reality, the text of these Bibles is large enough and clear enough to read very easily. 


Just The Facts

Item # EB1003
Title Page: 1536
Size: 5 x 5 x 1 "
Font: Black Letter

Additional Features:

Full Calf
End Papers: Marble

Appraisal Value: $50,000

Sale Price: $15,000

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