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1753 Nathaniel Appleton
, Item # EB1753ES

Nathaniel Appleton
How God Wills the Salvation of all Men.

Appleton, Nathaniel. How God wills the Salvation of all Men: and their coming to the Knowledge of the Truth, as the Means thereof. Illustrated in a Sermon From I Tim. Ii. 4. Preached in Boston, March 27. 1753. At the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. Stephen Badger, as a Missionary with a special Reference to the Indians at Natick. Published at the unanimous Desire of the Ecclesiastical Council convened on the Occasion; and of other Hearers. By Nathanael Appleton, A.M. Pastor of the first Church in Cambridge. To which are annexed, The Charge, by the Reverend Dr. Sewall:  And the Right Hand of Fellowship, by the Reverend Mr. Abbot. [6 lines scripture quotes] Boston: Printed and Sold by S. Kneeland Queen-street. 1753 Octavo.

Pamphlet bound in modern acid-free brown heavy paper with printed title label on spine.

Early ownership inscription on top right corner of half-title: “Henry Appleton His Book, 1753” with an ornament drawn under the date. Left corner of same page written in old pen also bur different hand: “[Henry Appleton Son of Rev. Nathaniel and Margaret (Gibbs) born 1737, Grad. H.C. 1755, d. Sept 5. 1768” Collation: 4 unsigned leaves, B-E4, final leaf blank, Pagination: (1) half title, (1) blank, (1) title, (1) blank, [1]-28 sermon, 29-31 The Charge…by Dr. Sewall, 32-34 Right Hand of Fellowship by Mr. Abbot. Evans: American Bibliography #6955. Eberstadt # 19034.

Nathaniel Appleton (1693-1784 ‘eminent Congregational Minister, was born at Ipswich, Mass., Dec 9, 1693, graduated at Harvard in 1712, ordained at Cambridge in 1717, in which year he was also elected a fellow of Harvard, which 54 years afterward conferred upon him the second degree it had ever granted of Doctor of Divinity, Increase Mather, 80 years before, being the first admitted to that honor.” –McClintock & Strong: Ency. Bibl. Theol. & Eccl. Lit. I:326. Upon his Ordination in 1717, “Dr. Increase Mather preached the Sermon and gave the charge; and Dr. Cotton Mather gave the Right Hand of Fellowship.” “Dr. Holmes, who was for many years pastor of the same church with Dr. Appleton, has left the following testimony concerning him in his History of Cambridge: ‘Dr. Appleton, if venerable for age, was more venerable for his piety. His religion, like his whole character, was patriarchal. Born in the last (17th) century, and living till near the close of this, (18th) he brought down with him the habits of other times. In his dress, in his manners, in his conversations, in his ministry, he may be classed with the Puritan ministers, of revered memory, who first came to New England. His natural temper was cheerful; but his habitual deportment was grave. Early consecrated to God, and having a deep seriousness, of enlightened zeal with consummate prudence, for the pastoral office. He preached the Gospel with great plainness of speech, and with primitive simplicity. Less concerned to please than to instruct and edify, he studiously accommodated his discourses to the meanest capacity…Vigilantly attentive to the state of religion in his pastoral charge, he marked prevailing errors and sin, and pointed his admonitions and cautions against them. Bothe in public and private, with conscientious, yet discreet fidelity.” –Sprague: Annals of the American Pulpit: Trinitarian Congregational, Vol. I. pp301-303. We offer Appleton’s sermon at the Ordination of Stephen Badger as missionary to the Indians at Natick.

The subject of Appleton’s sermon, Stephen Badger (1726-1803) “was born in Charlestown of humble parentage, in 1725, and was graduated at Harvard College in 1747. He Spent his life as a missionary among the Indians at Natick, where he was ordained March 27, 1753, and died August 28, 1808, aged seventy-eight years.” –Sprague: Annals of the American Pulpit. Congregationalism, Vol. I. p.302, note. Appleton charges Badger to care not only for the remnant of Indians on the “Indian Plantation” served by Eliot. “but that you have at Heart the Interest of Religion among the Indians in all Parts of the Land; and endeavor as you have Opportunity to promote and encourage the Spreading the Gospel among those distant Tribes, which do still lie in Ignorance…As for the Eastern Tribes, to the Shame of Protestants it must be spoken; That the Romish Priest were more early, and more earnest in spreading their Principles among them. Than we Protestants have been…Ans as for the Western Tribes, they have been hitherto, most shamefully neglected: And would to God, that the English Government which lies nearest to them, would seriously consider how they will answer it, another Day; that they have done so little to propagate Christian Knowledge among them: But that instead thereof so many Blocks and Discouragements have been laid in the Way to hinder others from undertaking and engaging in so good a Work.” –pp26-27.

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Just The Facts

Item # EB1753ES

Title: 1753

Size: 8.75 x 5.5"
Font: Roman

Additional Features:
Acid Free Paper
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $3,000


Sale Price: $1,450