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1549 Matthew's Bible Pentateuch Herbert #74 &
1657 Woalton Polyglot Pentateuch

1549 Matthew's Bible Pentateuch

1549 Matthew-Tyndale… The Pentateuch Preliminary matter includes Title page, To the Christian Readers. A table of the principal matters: 5pp A perfect computation of the years of the years and time from Adam unto Christ, proved by the Scriptures…by Edmund Becke.
A Prologue shewing the use of the scripture. The named of all the books of the Bible and the content of the chapters of every book. A register or a brief rehearsal of the names of the most famous and notable person, mentioned in the Old and New Testament.

In 1523 Martin Luther printed the Pentateuch in German…

In 1530 William Tyndale printed the Pentateuch in English.

In 1537 John Rogers published Tyndale’s Pentateuch

In 1549 Edmund Becke reprinted the Pentateuch in the Matthew Tyndale 1537 of which this copy is that reprint.

The Magnificent 1657 Walton Polyglot

[Polyglot Bible.] Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia textus originales, Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldaicum, Graecum; versionumque antiquarum, Samaritanae, Graecae LXXII Interp., Chaldaicae, Syriacae; Arabicae; Aethiopicae, Persicae, Vulg. Lat., quicquid comparari poterat; cum textuum, et versionum orientalium translationibus Latinis… cum apparatu, appendicibus, tabulis, variis lectionibus, annotationibus, indicibus, etc… Edidit Brianus Waltonus, STD… London: Thomas Roycroft, [1655-]1657.

Volume I with engraved frontispiece portrait and engraved title-page in addition to printed title-page (in black and red). An absolute masterpiece of multi-lingual typography.

Quite fresh and clean internally, but for a little light dampstaining and other light soiling. Nice comfortable margins.



Just The Facts

Item # 1549 Matthew's Bible Pentateuch
Title Page: 1549 Original/Hand
Size:11.5 x 7.5 x 1 
Font: Black Letter 

Additional Features: 
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $30,000

Just The Facts

Item # 1657 Walton Polyglot Pentateuch
Title Page: 1657
Size: 18 x 11
Printed in: London

Additional Features:
8 Languages:
Aramaic, Chaldea, Latin, Persian, Ethiopic, Greek, Syriac, Arabic

Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $9,500

Two wonderfully important editions and printing masterpieces.

Sale Price: $9,500

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