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1768 The Works of John Bunyan
, Item # ES1768

1768 2 Volume Works of John Bunyan

The Works of the eminent Servant of Christ Mr. John Bunyan, Minister of the Gospel and formerly Pastor of a Congregation at Bedford. With Copper-Plated, adapted to the Pilgrim’s Progress, the Holy War, &c. In Two Volumes.
Vol. 1.

The Third Edition: To which are now added, The Divine Emblems, and several other Pieces, which never printed in any former Collection.
With a Recommendatory Preface, By the Reverend George Whitefield, M.A. Chaplain to the Right Honorable the Countess of Huntingdon.

London: Printed for W. Johnston in Ludgate Street; and E. and C. Dilly: M.DCC.LXVII.

Volume 1

1) Grace abounding to the chief of sinners.
2) A confession of my faith, and reason of my practice
3) Differences in judgement about water-baptism, no bar to communion.
4) Peaceable principles and True.
5) The Doctrine of the law of grace unfolded.
6) The pilgrim’s progress.
7) The Jerusalem sinner saved.
8) The Heavenly footman.
9) Solomon’s temple spiritualized
10) The Acceptable sacrifice
11) Sighs from Hell
12) Come and welcome to Jesus Christ
13) A discourse upon the pharisee and the publican
14) Of Justification by an imputed righteousness
15) Paul’s departure and crown
16) Of the Trinity and a Christian
17) Of the Law and a Christian
18) Israel’s hope encouraged
19) The life and death of Mr. Badman
20) The barren fig-tree
21) An exhortation to peace and unity
22) One thing is needful.

Volume 2

1) The Holy War
2) The desire of the righteous granted
3) The saints privilege and profit
4) Christ a complete Savior
5) The saints knowledge of Christ’s Love
6) A discourse of the house of the forest of Lebanon
7) Of antichrist and his ruin: and of the saying the witness
8) Saved by Grace
9) Christian behavior; being the fruits of true Christianity
10) A discourse touching prayer
11) The Straight Gate
12) Some Gospel-truths opened
13) A vindication of Gospel-truths opened
14) Light for them that sit in darkness
15) Instruction for the ignorant
16) The holy city
17) The resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment
18) A caution to stir up to watch against sin
19) An exposition on the ten first Chapters of Genesis, and part of the eleventh
20) The work of Jesus Christ as an Advocate
21) Seasonable Counsel
22) Divine Emblems
23) Mr. Bunyan’s last sermon
24) Ebal and Gerizzim, The Blessing and the curse
25) Prison Meditations, directed to the hearts of suffering saints and reigning Sinners


Just The Facts

Item # ES1768
Title: 1768

Size: 15 x 9 x 2.5
Font: Roman


Additional Features:
Leather Binding
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $2,500

Sale Prince: SOLD!