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1599/1633 Geneva Bible
, Item # ESG1599

1599/1633 Geneva Bible

The phenomena of the various editions described under the year1599 , and the very similar edition of 1633, constitute one of the most curious problems in the bibliography of the English Bible.

Unlike any of Lea Wilson’s Editions.

Lea Wilson’s No 3, appears to be a mixed copy; the title evidently belongs to Herbert #253, and the verse in Esther 1 is arranged as in his No 2 edition.

This seems to represent a distinct edition.

N. Peacock considered it to have been printed from Herbert #248 by a compositor who knew enough English to correct a large number of errors.

This is printed from identically the same setting of type as an edition issued with the date 1633; the latter, however, had a new imprint on the three title pages and at the end of the book: Imprinted at Amsterdam, for Thomas Crafoorth. By Iohn Fredericksz Stam… Probably 1633 is the correct date, and copies were issued simultaneously, some with Barker’s imprint and the date 1599, others with Stam’s imprint dated 1633. Some copies, (like the one listed above) bear both imprints and dates.

The Geneva Bible was the most popular Scripture for the Protestant Church for nearly 100 years: from 1560, the first printing, to the last printing in 1640, the Geneva Bible was the Bible for the Christian community. In 1642 the King James text was printed with Geneva notes. That variant continued well into the 18th century.

Even more rare (much more) is the famous Pirated printing that was printed in 1599 according to the Old Testament title that has eight variants; however, a quarto printing has the New Testament title dated 1633.

In 40 years of collecting and selling Geneva Bibles we at the Bible Museum have only seen one copy. This is certainly the last printing, albeit illegal, of the Geneva Quarto edition of the Scriptures in English.


Just The Facts

Item # ESG1599
OT Title Page: 1599
NT Title Page: 1633
Size: 9 x 6.5 x 3
Font: Roman

Additional Features:
Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $15,000

Sale Price: $4,995