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1601 Geneva Bible
, Item # ESG1601

Ancient Bible

1601 Geneva Bible
Geneva Version; with Tomson's New Testament

Geneva Version; with Tomson's NT. A close reprint of the 1587 Geneva, Herbert #194. The last leaf of the Apocrypha is numbered 187. Junius Revelation (1600) inserted after the text.
One of the rarest Geneva Bibles has come to the market place. The extraordinary uniqueness of the book is made evident in two Revelations being bound in sequence. (1) Tomson's and (2) Junius' Translation.
David Daniels, an outstanding academic authority on the transmission of the Bible, refers to Junius' translation of Revelation "probably the most influential commentary on Revelation ever in English. The Bible In English, Yale University Press 2003.

This exceptionally rare Geneva Bible is a must for any antique Bible collector.

The Geneva Bible was the most popular Scripture for the Protestant Church for nearly 100 years: from 1560, the first printing, to the last printing in 1640, the Geneva Bible was the Bible for the Christian community. In 1642 the King James text was printed with Geneva notes. That variant continued well into the 18th century.

Two unique and unusual printings of the Geneva Bible were the 1592 English translation of the Junius’ annotated Revelation which was sometimes inserted in Quarto editions of the Geneva Bible and supplanted the normal version of the Geneva-Thomson New Testament.

We are offering this extremely scarce printing that contained both the Thompson and Junius translation of the Revelation. This scarce printing is offered as a variety of the Geneva. We believe this is a huge bargain for the collector; furthermore, this is exquisitely bound and is complete.


Just The Facts

Item # ESG1601
OT Title Page: 1601
NT Title Page: 1601 FAC
Size: 8.5 x 7 x 2
Font: Roman

Additional Features:
Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton
1600 Editon of
Junius' Revelation
Tables - Dated 1600/1601

Appraisal Value: $20,000

Sale Price: SOLD!