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1634 King James Bible
, Item # KF1041

Ancient Bible

The King James Bible
Fourth Folio Issue, 1634

[Bible in English.] The/Holy/Bible./Containing/the Old Testa-/ment, and the New:/Newly translated out of the/Originall Tongues: and with/the former Translations diligently / compared and reuised, By his/Maiestied speciall Com-/mandement./Appointed to be read in Churches./Imprinted at / London by Robert Barker,/Printer to the Kings mosdt Excellent Maiestie: and by the assignes/of Iohn Bill./ Anno 1634

The fourth folio issued of the King James Bible.

Ideal collation: A4 B4 C6 (Calendar) D4 A-Z6 etc – Aaaaaa-Dddddd6; 732 ff. (collates as 1617 edition). Genuine copy: Yy6, end of Esther/beginning of Job; Xxxxx6 in Ephesians; and last leaf of Revelation. John Speed Genealogies are bound in at back, rather then in front as usual: incomplete, stained, rough. Does not included the sometimes seen John Speed map.

Many supplied leaves, especially toward end. Repairs; extension – heavier as you near the end. Foremargins extended from Romans to end. Most of the rest of the book is clean and nice; some staining to lower tip at the beginning. Some iintrusive pentrials at 3P6 in Isaiah. Strip of paper pasted over a manuscript note at end of Malachi.

Tall, well-margined.

Modern dark red-brown leather, gilt. All edges red. Signed:  Grace Bindings. Marbled endpapers. Ribbon marker. Bookplate of Noted American Bible collector Jonathan Byrd.

Herbert 487; Darlow & Moule 376; STC 2312


king james bible

king james bible king james bible

king james bible

king james bible

Please Note:  This is a low-resolution photo, which shows the format, but makes reading the text nearly impossible.  In reality, the text of these Bibles is large enough and clear enough to read very easily. 

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Just The Facts

Item #KF1041
OT Title Page: 1634
NT Title Page: 1634
Size: 16.5 x 11 x 4.75
Font: Black Letter (Gothic)

Additional Features:
Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton
Daily Readings

Appraisal Value: $125,000

Sale Price: $40,000

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