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1600 Rheims
, Item #RNT1600ES

Catholic New Testament in English
New Testament 1600

The second edition of the Roman Catholic version of the New Testament in English, First published at Rheims in 1582. (No 177).

A reprint of the earlier edition, with certain changes, such as the addition of A Table of Heretical Corruptions.

A fresh Approbation is appended to that of 1582. It is dated 2 Nov. 1599, and is signed by three Professors at Douay: Guilielmus Estius, Bartholomeus Petrus, and Iudocud Heylens.

Description:  Nineteen preliminary leaves, containing the same matter as in the first issue, with the addition of A Table of heretical Corruptions-3 ff., and The Explication of certaine vvordes…- 1 f. Text, pp.3 to 745; followed on the same page by A table of the Epistles and Gospels…, which ends on Bbbbb iij a; A Table of Controversies-23 pp., ending on Eeeee 2 b, with words Lavs Deo.

The full title of the new table is: A Table of certaine places of the New Testament corruptly translated in favor of heresies of these dayes in the English Editions: especially of the years 1562. 77. 79. and 80. by order of the Books, Chapters, and Verses of the same. It ends with a note: The blessed Confessor, Bishop Tonstal noted no less then two thousand corruptions in Tindals translation, in the New Testament only. VVherby, as by these few here cited for examples the indifferent reader ma see, how untruly the English Bibles are commended to the people, for the pure word of God. The table condemns such renderings as repent for do penance, Congregation for Church, elder for priest, images for idols, etc.

According to H. Pope, English Versions of the Bible, p.282, this is really a summary of Martin’s Discoveries and may have been completed by T. Worthington

New Testament: Overall, a very nice copy.

Herbert 258


Just The Facts

Item # RNT1600ES
New Testament: 1600
Size: 8 x 6.5 x 2
Roman Font

Additional Features:

Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $12,000

Sale Price: $3,750


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