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1600 Rheims
, Item #RNT1601

Second Edition of the important Rheims New Testament.

Antwerp: Daniel Vervliet, 1600. Small quarto. Collates Complete. A very important edition for the serious collector. First Edition 1582 Rheims New Testaments sell for as high as $50,000. This much more affordable second Edition is perfect for translation comparison. It is important to note that during the Elizabethan era that it was considered a crime to be in possession of this translation. The reformation voice had been heard loud and clear.

This second edition of the New Testament “is well printed in good Roman type, but with all quotations from the Old Testament in italic letters. The text is not broken up into verses, but the verse numbers are placed on the inner margin, within a black line, outside of which are references to parallel passages” (Dore, 301). The text itself is largely a “reprint of the earlier edition, with certain changes, such as the addition of A Table of Heretical Corruptions” and a fresh Approbation (Darlow & Moule 198).

Herbert 258. STC 2898.

Ancient Bible

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Douay Rheims

Please Note:  This is a low-resolution photo, which shows the format, but makes reading the text nearly impossible.  In reality, the text of these Bibles is large enough and clear enough to read very easily. 

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Just The Facts

Item # RNT1601
NT Title Page: 1600

Size: 8 x 6.5 x 2

Roman Font

Additional Features:

Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $5,500

Sale Price: SOLD!