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1553 Jugge New Testament

Francis Fry’s Personal Copy of
the 1553 Tyndale New Testament

[Bible in English.] The newe Testament/ of oure Sauiour Iesus Christe. Faythfully transla-/ ted oute of the Greke./ With the notes and expositions of the darke pla-/ ces therein./ Matthew xiii.f./ Vnio, quem praecepit emi seruator Iesus./ Hic situs est, debet non aliunde peti./ The pearle which Christ comaunded to be boughte/ Ishere to be founde, not elles to be sought. [London: Richard Jugge, 1553].

The second quarto of Jugge’s revision of the Tyndale New Testament and hugely significant as the final printed before the Marian repressions. Collates complete. Lovely woodcuts throughout. An exceptionally nice copy internally with far less browning, staining and repair than reasonably expected. Some headlines shaved. Some marginal notes and pen trials. A few woodcuts with ink doodles or infill. !9th Century reddish-brown pigskin over bevelled boards – a signed binding by Tuckett, Binder to the Queen (Victoria). Ruled in blind, black and gilt. Rebacked and scuffed at edges, but a handsome copy, still strong.

With a superb and important provenance: renowned Bible collector and scholar Francis Fry with a manuscript note on this book tipped to front pastedown; and Marques of Bute with two chromolithographic bookplates “Marchio Bute”.

Herbert 104. DM 74. STC 2869. Fry #32.


Just The Facts

Item # WT1553AS Tyndale New Testament
NT Title: 1553
Size: 6x6x2
Font: Gothic

Additional Features:
Full Calf Binding
End Papers: Marble

Appraisal Value: $121,000

Sale Price: $87,000

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