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“The Forbidden Book” Leaf-Book


• The King James: Bible of Four Centuries
• The Geneva: Bible of the Pilgrims & Puritans
• The Collins: Bible of Colonial America
RANDOM PASSAGES may be ordered online.


“The Forbidden Book” Leaf-Book is for those who want an understanding of how we got the English Bible that is deeper and more detailed than we are able to provide in our video, or on the English Bible History page of our website. This 110-page spiral-bound book is the full syllabus for those who attend our two-day series of eight one-hour lectures at our Bible History Symposium. It also contains a set of three genuine original ancient Bible Leaves inside plastic protective sleeves bound-into the book, which many people choose to remove and frame.

This scholarly yet entertaining volume gives you “The Big Picture”. Featuring an expanded historical timeline, and several full-color pages… this book is a wonderful addition to any Christian’s library, and an organized reference work that you will refer to again and again. The amazing story of the preservation of God’s Word throughout the centuries is so vividly brought to life; we think you will find it hard to put this book down.

The real treasure of this package is the set of three ancient Bible Leaves. You get a page from an original King James Bible printed before 1650, a page from a Geneva Bible printed before 1644, and a page from the Collins Bible – The Bible of Colonial America – printed in 1791… all with certificates of authenticity. If purchased separately on our website, just these three leaves alone, at $59 each, would cost $177. The Spiral-bound “Forbidden Book” is a $25 value, and the companion “Forbidden Book” DVD video is a $28 value.  So that is $230 of total value if these items were purchased separately… and that entire package is priced at just $75… with FREE shipping!

ITEM # TLS-1: $75 – The Forbidden Book Leaf-Book – With a FREE Forbidden Book DVD!

NOTE: The three ancient Bible leaves provided in this deeply discounted $75 set are random leaves. If you would prefer to purchase individual leaves of specific passages of scripture, (which cost $79 to $149 PER LEAF, rather than $75 for the set of all three leaves), please contact us.