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1788 Practical Sermons


  • Version: Ancient Theology Books
  • Age Range: 1700 to 1799
  • Size Range: Standard Quartos (8”-11” Tall)
  • Appraisal Value: $3,000
  • Title Page: 1788
  • Actual Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5
  • Font: Roman
  • Place of Printing: New York
  • Other Features: End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf Binding


Jonathan Edwards Practical Sermons

1788., printed for M. Gray, 1788. Hardccover. 1st edition.
These Sermons were transcribed from the Author’s original manuscripts by his son, the Reverend Dr Jonathan Edwards of Newhaven, and never before published.’ –
1-2 The importance and advantage of a thorough knowledge of divine truth (Nov 1739)
3 God the best portion of the Christian (Apr 1736)
4 The sole considera tion, that God is God,sufficient to still all objections to his sovereignty (June 1735)
5 Great guilt no obstacle to the pardon of returning sinner. [Note, p. 54] `Not dated. All the Sermons in this collection which are not dated, are supposed to have been written before the year 1733.’
6 The Most High a prayer-hearing God (Jan 8, 1736)
7-10 Great care necessary, lest we live in some way of sin (Sep 1733)
11-12 Great guilt of those who attend on the ordinances of divine worship, and yet allow themselves in any known wickedness
13-16 World judged righteously by Jesus Christ
17 Vain self-flatteries of the sinner
18 Wicked men useful in their destruction only (July 1734)
19-20 Fearfulness,which shall hereafter surprise sinners in Zion (Dec 19,1740)
21 When the wicked shall have filled up the measure of their sin, wrath will come upon them to the uttermost (May 1735)
22-25 Torments of the wicked in hell, no occasion of grief to the saints in heaven (22: Mar 1733; 24: Dec 1734)
26-27 Sin and folly of depending on future time
28 Sin of theft and of injustice (July 1740)
29-32 Duty of charity to the poor
33 The nature and end of excommunication (July 22, 1833) [excommunication of Mrs. Bridgman, previously admonished, for drunkenness]