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1792 The Marriage of a Wife’s Sister


  • Version: Ancient Theology Books
  • Age Range: 1700 to 1799
  • Size Range: Small Bibles / Octavos (Under 8” Tall)
  • Appraisal Value: $1,000
  • Title Page: 1792
  • Actual Size: 7.75 x 5 x .25
  • Font: Roman
  • Place of Printing: New Haven
  • Other Features: End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf Binding

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Jonathan Edwards
The Marriage of a Wife’s Sister

 T. and S. Green, New Haven, 1792. 27pp. Stitched gatherings, as issued. Browning, occasional minor foxing in margins. A good copy. A sermon by the theologian Jonathan Edwards, the second son of the well-known moral philosopher and theologian of the same name, in which the question of whether it is lawful for a man to marry his former wife’s sister is addressed. Edwards considers “the evidence from scripture and reason, that the marriage in question is unlawful, and have carefully attended to the objections to the doctrine; and it is humbly conceived, that the result of our inquiry is, that this marriage is as plainly and fully forbidden by God, as several other marriages which we all acknowledge to be forbidden.” A lesser-known work by the younger Edwards, whose major publications include THE SALVATION OF ALL MEN STRICTLY EXAMINED (1789) and A DISSERTATION CONCERNING LIBERTY AND NECESSITY (1797). He also published a significant sermon on “The Injustice and Impolicy of the Slave Trade, and of Slavery” in 1791. EVANS 24293.