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1582 Rheims New Testament 1609-1610 Douay Old Testament 3 Vol.


The First Catholic Bible in English: New Testament 1582,
Old Testament 1609-10

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The First Catholic Bible in English
New Testament 1582
Old Testament 1609-10


[Bible in English.] The / Nevv Testament/ of Iesvs Christ, trans-/ lated faithfvlly into English, / out of the authentical Latin, according to the best cor-/ rected copies of the same, diligently conferred vvith/ the Greeke and other editions in diuers languages: Vvith / Argvments of bookes and chapters, Annota-/ tions, and other necessarie helpes, for the better vnder-/ standing of the text, and specially for discouerie of the/ Corrvptions of diuers late translations, and for / cleering the Controversies in religion, of these daies: / In the English College of Rhemes./ …Printed at Rhemes, / by Iohn Fogny. / 1582. / Cvm privilegio.

[with:] The / Holie Bible / faithfvlly trans-/ lated into English, / ovt of the avthentical / Latin. / … By the English College of Doway. / … Printed at Doway by Lavrence Kellam, / at the signe of the holie Lambe. / M.DC.IX. [M.DC.X.]

First edition, first printings, of the New Testament (one volume, 1582) and the Old Testament (two volumes, 1609-10) translated and published for the first time in English for and by Catholics. Translated by Gregory Martin, under the supervision of William Allen and Richard Bristow.

Quarto. Three volumes. Complete. New Testament collation: genuine title-page ([a.i.]). a-c4, d2, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Zzz4, Aaaa-Zzzz4, Aaaaa-Ddddd4, Eeeee2. Paginated from A[i] recto – Bbbbb[i] recto (1-745). Complete. Text and pagination continuous, but some leaves mis-signed (printer’s errors): Ss.iii as Ss.ii (p.323). Old Testament also collates complete per Herbert. Again some printer’s errors in signing, not affecting continuity of text or pagination (e.g. Dd3 as D 3 in Vol I and Ee as E in Vol. II).

New Testament: Overall, a very nice copy. Old Testament: very nice.

Herbert 177 and Herbert 300. Darlow and Moule 134 and 231. STC 2884 and 2207.