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About Us

Message from the Director of Marketing



I hope you will enjoy browsing through our online showroom. As the world’s largest dealer of rare and antique Bibles, and the world’s largest restorer of ancient Bibles, we strive to provide you with a level of quality and selection available nowhere else. Through our ongoing restoration work, we are preserving the oldest copies of God’s Word for future generations.

Our rare and antique Bibles are all “investment-grade”, typically appreciating 15 to 25% annually. In this volatile age where the masses are blindly betting their life savings and retirement funds on the last socially acceptable form of gambling – the stock market – and taking huge loses, while being assured “not to worry”… we offer a more sensible alternative for portfolio diversification. Investment-grade ancient Bibles do not ever go “down” in value or have a “bad year”… and their rate of appreciation quietly outpaces the stock market in all but its most bullish of years. How ironic that investing in the ancient, original printings of God’s Word would turn out to be the “best kept secret” in the investment world!


If we were selling a stock that could not go down, and rose double-digits every year… how many shares would you buy? Antiquarian Bibles are much like California coastline real estate… “they aren’t making any more”, and the demand only goes up each year. Fewer than ten years ago, for example, First Edition 1611 King James Bibles were selling for under $40,000. Five years ago it was $125,000. Today some are fetching over $400,000. 

Feel free to CONTACT US anytime with your questions or special requests. Acquiring the most rare and ancient printings of God’s Word is the most rewarding and profitable hobby for the collector, and a wise move for the investor. I look forward to talking with you soon!

John Lawton Jeffcoat III