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Shipping & Ordering Policy

Shipping & Ordering

Shipping Costs:

USA Customers: ALL orders ship FREE within the USA via Fed Ex Overnight Air!  Call us or email us any time with your questions. We respond same-day or next-day.

International Customers: you may email us your shipping address, phone, and order details, and we will respond to your email within one day.  Or better; give us a call and talk with us for immediate answers.  We answer the phone seven days a week.

Shipping Speed – Super Fast:

  • We usually ship within just one business day of receiving your order. 
  • Ancient Bibles and books ship via insured, signature required, FED EX OVERNIGHT AIR.
  • International orders ship via insured, signature required, INTERNATIONAL AIR, with delivery in 2 to 5 business days, depending on the international destination.

Methods of Payment Accepted:

  • We accept all major credit cards and debit cards (see limit explained below).  Just call us at 1-800-422-6243 (1-800-42-ANCIENT) or 407-704-5776 to place your order.
  • We accept credit cards and debit cards safely and securely over the telephone for all orders under $2,500, though very few of the items we sell are priced that low.  Yes, this is a bit “old school” in our modern world of “online ordering”, but considering that nearly all the items we offer are priced in the multiple thousands of dollars; orders placed verbally over the telephone remains the safest way to accept credit cards in our 27 years of doing this.  Our record proves this: from 1996 to 2023, with tens of thousands of credit and debit card charges run, we have never had a single charge back, and never had one instance of fraud.  Not one.  When you call, your order will always be taken personally by the owner, John L. Jeffcoat, and never delegated to an employee. Your credit card information will never be stored electronically in any database that we maintain. We are independently audited annually to verify this highest level of security. This super-strict methodology is how we have maintained a perfect record of incident-free credit card processing since 1996.
  • For orders over $2,500, (which again is the vast majority of the items we sell), card payments by phone are not possible, and we accept bank wire funds transfers for these orders.
  • We do not accept physical “paper”payments, such as checks or money orders, as these take too long to clear the banking system.
  • We are not currently able to accept cryptocurrency… but that may eventually change.
  • We no longer accept PayPal (although we did accept PayPal for many years up until January of 2023). Sadly, in October of 2022, PayPal drifted into a fascist “hyper-woke” stance of threatening a $2,500 per incident fee to any merchant who dared to post anything online which PayPal felt was “intolerant” or “non-inclusive” of any kind of human lifestyle choices. Obviously, anyone promoting or selling Bibles would by definition be in perpetual violation of this requirement to not offer any literature that speaks of human “sin” or “wickedness”.  The backlash against PayPal was massive, as millions of merchants stopped accepting PayPal in late 2022, and PayPal’s stock lost billions of dollars in market value.  PayPal very briefly retracted this policy, saying it was an error, and tricking many merchants into reinstating their PayPal accounts.  Then after a few days, PayPal very quietly re-instituted this threat to fine merchants who advocated a Biblical world and life view.  This time however, the news media remained almost silent, playing down the threat, and even insisting that claims of PayPal’s $2,500 fine being reinstituted were “false news” and “misinformation”… but in fact, the fines were and are reinstated.  Indeed, while we were fortunate to avoid this fine for the few days we held onto our PayPal account during this turmoil; our own PayPal account was singled out for punishment.  After 15 years of accepting PayPal, with a credit line well into six figures per month, we were suddenly subject to having all transaction funds “frozen” for an extra 21 days, after each customer’s order was placed… for no reason… and the threat of fines remained. Certainly, our customers do not want to wait 21 days to have their orders shipped.  So like millions of other online merchants; we dumped PayPal.  In a word, PayPal is evil.

Order Tracking:

Within one business day of receiving your order, we will provide you with your Fed Ex Overnight Air package tracking number.

Return Policy

Since 1996, we have offered a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for up to one full week after you receive your order.

If you have further questions about placing an order, or questions about any item, just Click Here to contact us by phone or emails

International Orders - Further Details

All orders are processed and shipped out within one business day. We ship internationally exclusively via Insured, signature required, FedEx Priority International Air, which is extremely fast.

Orders shipped from our location in the USA to Canada or the UK typically take only about 2 business days to arrive.

Orders shipped to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Asia typically take only about 3 to 5 business days to arrive.

We do not use the cheap and slow “Postal Service”. Fed Ex is the only shipping option.

Both Fed Ex and the Customs & Importation Department of your country, for security reasons, require your telephone number. This is not optional. Fed Ex often will not provide us with an international shipping cost quote without your telephone number.

We ask that international customers please send us an email reply providing us with confirmation of:

  • The exact items you wish to order
  • Your complete street shipping address
  • Your telephone number

You may send your email to:

We will reply to you within one business day.

If you prefer, you may call us at 407-704-5776.