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The 1611 King James Bible

The 1611 King James Bible The English King James Bible is the best selling book in history, by an extremely wide margin. With multiple billions of copies in print, no other book can claim even one billion copies in print. Even more impressive, the King James Bible remains one of the most popular translations of the Bible today, in spite of being in an archaic dialect of English that…

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Pastor Anniversary Gifts

Pastor Anniversary Gifts Selecting an anniversary gift for your pastor or minister at your church can be a challenging task. It is hard enough to pick out an anniversary gift for a spouse, family member, or friend. When it comes to choosing an appropriate present as a gift for a clergy member, to commemorate the anniversary of their service to your congregation, there are a few key things to…

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Genuine Leather Bibles

LEATHER BIBLES The variety of available bindings for Bibles is greater today than at any point in history. Genuine animal hide bound leather Bibles continue to be the most popular choice among premium priced Bibles. Moderately priced synthetic leather Bibles however, have greatly improved in binding quality over just the past two decades. Economy priced Bibles, generally paperback or otherwise soft bound, remain the choice for mass distribution and missionary work. THE…

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Family Bibles

Family Bibles - A Treasured Tradition For at least a century, from the late 1880's until the 1980's, the time-honored American tradition of having a large "Family Bible” on prominent display in most Christian households was part of our culture as Americans and our heritage as Christians. That big "Family Bible" stood as a silent witness to all that home’s visitors, demonstrating without speaking a word that this home was a…

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Bible Verses

BIBLE VERSES: THEIR ORIGIN & POPULAR FAVORITES The Bible is separated into Old and New Testaments. The Bible is further separated into “Books” which in some cases are actually personal letters called “Epistles”. That level of division is the extent of what most Christians consider to be divinely inspired. However, we are all familiar with two further levels of division within the Bible: individual numbered chapters and individual numbered…

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