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Bible Leaf Buyer's Guide

What is a Bible Leaf?

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer in the business of selling Bible Leaves.   We now deal exclusively in original ancient rare Bibles.

The discussion of the nature of Bible Leaves provided below is here only for reference and education.  Bible Leaves (Bible Pages) are no longer available for sale, and they will not be available again in the future.  We are now focussed exclusively on rare and antique Bibles.

Below is our original discussion of Bible Leaves, as it appeared in our website during the years that we offered these materials.  Again… they are no longer available.

A Bible leaf (plural: leaves) is simply a single two-sided page or sheet taken from an ancient Bible which could not be sold as a complete Bible, because it was already missing many pages when we acquired it.

All of the Bible leaves offered are ANCIENT GENUINE ORIGINALS.

These leaves are NOT “copies” or “facsimiles” or “reproductions” or “replicas” or “reprints” or any other synonym for the word “fake” you care to use. Our Bible leaves are the real thing: ancient pages of scripture produced many centuries ago on movable-type presses, so no two are the same. They are one-of-a-kind antique printed art. Each leaf was once part of an ancient Bible, treasured by generations of owners for centuries.

Bible leaves make unforgettable and unique gifts, particularly for the “person who has everything” and the “hard to shop for” people on your gift list. So often, our customers call us back to tell us how the recipient of a Bible leaf was moved to tears by the simple beauty and awesome significance of owning such a rare treasure of our Christian heritage.

Considering their age, rarity, artful beauty, and spiritual significance… our Bible leaves are really one of the most impressive things you could choose to hang on your wall, or decorate your home with. Many heroes of church history paid with their lives for the production of these leaves. There is no more impressive conversation piece.

You can even request a leaf showing a personal favorite passage of scripture, to proudly display in your home or office.

Imagine… having an original four-century-old leaf showing a favorite passage of scripture, from the First Edition of the 1611 King James Bible… or from the far older 1535 first Bible printed in English… or even from the 1455 Gutenberg Bible, the first book ever printed!

We hope you enjoy browsing through all of our ancient Bible leaves, and reading about the fascinating story behind each one.