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High-Quality Facsimile Reproductions

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1611 King James Bible: First Edition
Facsimile Reproductions

King James Deluxe Edition Slip Case


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Exact Replicas of The 1611 King James Bible
Available in 3 Binding Options and 2 Sizes

The King James Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world, and it is our most popular facsimile reproduction. We offer these exact page-for-page photographic duplicates of the original 1611 King James Bible in 3 different bound editions, as detailed below.

Any so-called “1611” King James Version you buy today at the local Christian Bookstore is absolutely NOT the 1611.   It is Blaney’s 1769 Revised Oxford Edition, even though it admits that nowhere, and may even say “1611” in the front… it’s just not true. Prepare to be shocked!  In fact, 20,000 spelling and punctuation changes and over 400 wording changes were made to the original 1611 to 1768 King James Bible, when compared to King James Bibles published between 1769 and today, and fourteen entire books plus extra prefatory features have been removed from almost every printing done since 1885!

We can easily prove these claims; just compare our photographic 1611 facsimiles to your modern-day reprinting of the so-called “1611” by any major Bible publisher of the past century, and you will immediately see a huge difference. It’s true! “The camera does not lie.” A huge deception has been perpetrated on the public by the major Bible publishers for over a century now. If you really love the King James version, the only way to own a true, unaltered, unedited, unabridged, original 1611 version as authorized by King James, is to buy a genuine original from the Platinum Room of our Ancient Rare Bibles & Books section for prices well into six figures, OR buy one of our three exact photographic (not re-typeset) facsimile editions here. We are the only company producing faithful, complete, photographic facsimiles of the original 1611 King James Bible.

The King James Bible is the only book in the world that can claim one billion copies in print. For many people, the English language Bible as we know it today IS the King James Bible. Original First Editions have sold for over $400,000 at recent auctions. Our affordable facsimiles make it possible for everyone to have a First Edition.

A Quick Overview of Your Four Options
  • A Huge Full-Size “Super Deluxe” Genuine Leather Heirloom Edition ($995)
  • A Huge Full-Size “Deluxe” Leatherette Edition ($359)
  • A Reduced-Size “Regular” Reference Edition ($125)

Both of the two huge full-size editions are: slip-cased, printed on rag cotton sheet, stand 17 inches tall, spread nearly 30 inches when opened, and weigh a whopping 30 pounds! They are the actual size of the original 1611 giant pulpit folio first edition printing. The only difference is in the bindings: the “Super Deluxe” is bound in the finest grade of full-grain, glove-soft, hand-tooled, exquisite leather with extra-large spine hub-bands… while the standard “Deluxe” is bound in a high-quality beautifully-grained imitation leather. In contrast to those two huge 30 pound Super-Deluxe & Deluxe editions; we also have a much smaller (though still big at 10 pounds, and 11 inches tall) reduced-size “Regular” edition, printed on standard paper, and bound in a durable library-grade binding, for those merely seeking a spacesaving bookshelf reference copy, rather than a huge beautiful display-grade edition.

Regardless of which edition you select, the textual content and imaging of the pages is the same. All of our 1611 King James Bible Facsimile Editions contain the full prefatory content: The Dedication to King James, the translator's To The Reader Preface, the Calendar, the Holy Land Map, the Genealogy, and of course the entire Old Testament, Inter-Testamental Books (as specifically mandated by King James), and New Testament ... exactly as it was published in 1611, without omission, addition, or alteration in any way.

Click On Any Of These 3 Options Above
For Details, Photos, & Online Ordering.


King James Deluxe Edition Slip Case
Click On Any Of These 3 Options Above
For Details, Photos, & Online Ordering.

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