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1538 Coverdale NT Diglot


  • Version: Tyndale / Matthews / Coverdale
  • Appraisal Value: $99,000
  • NT Title Page: 1538 FAC
  • Place of Printing: England & Europe
  • Actual Size: 8 x 6 x 2
  • Font: Gothic (Black Letter), Roman
  • End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf

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Myles Coverdale was the first person to ever print an English language Bible, doing so in 1535.  Just three years later, in 1538, this special scholar’s edition of Coverdale’s New Testament came off the press.  It is a “diglot”, a two-language parallel edition, containing both the English language scriptures, and also the Latin language scriptures, for easy side-by-side comparison. Priced at less than half of its appraisal value, this represents the most affordable way to obtain English language scriptures printed in the 1530’s.

The Second Quarto Edition of Coverdale’s Diglot New Testament

[Bible in English.] The newe tes-/ tament both in Latine and/ Englyshe eche correspondente to/ the other after the vulgate text, com-/ munely called S. Jeromes… Prynted in Southwarke by James Nicolson. Set forth wyth the Kynges moost gracious lycence. [1538]

The second quarto edition of Coverdale’s diglot New Testament, a corrected edition of Nicolson’s faulty first edition (Herbert 37) which was repudiated by Coverdale. Here, the corrected text point shows at Matthew 26 C, “crowe” now for “synge.”

Collates as Herbert 37. Title-page here in old facsimile. Has 2 (of 6) preliminary leaves. A-Z8, Aa-Vv8. Revelation ends at Vv6 verso. Internally wants leaves [Bb8] and Cc[i], containing end of Acts 23 (modern verses 20-31) – that is, the text wants only eleven verses of text. Two final leaves of “Table” heavily repaired. Some tears/chips (some repaired); some damp and other staining. Some ink notes, e.g. II Corinthians [Gg6] verso.

Overall a near fine example of an exceptionally rare book.

nb: Title-page states Jeremiah quote as “xxxi” and Herbert states “xxii” while actually, the quote is from Jeremiah 23. Also, title page of this edition replaces attribution to Coverdale with attribution to one Johan Hollybushe, though work is still Coverdale’s.

Herbert 38 (cf. Herbert 37). DM 20 (cf 19). STC 2818 (cf 2816). Mozley, Coverdale and his Bibles, p. 188.