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Our Most Affordable Bible Leaves : 1791 Collins Bible

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The Collins: Bible of Colonial America

A leaf from the original 1791 First Edition of the Isaac Collins Bible: the first “Family Bible” printed in America…these leaves are over 220 years old. They come with a beautiful Historical Brochure & Certificate of Authenticity. This King James Version Bible was the most influential Bible in Colonial America from the late 1700’s until the mid 1800’s. Whether framed and displayed in your home, or given as a wonderfully unique gift: it is sure to draw attention.

In 1791 George Washington was President, John Adams was Vice President, and Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State. There were 14 states, and the new country had a growing population of four million people. After losing the Revolutionary War, England refused to send the Americans any more Bibles, so demand for Bibles was high and supply was very low. Isaac Collins rose to the task in his Trenton, New Jersey print shop. He pre-sold 3,000 copies before the project was even begun… and before it ended, he had printed 5,000.

Collins was obsessed with accuracy, and he had his children proofread the entire Bible eleven times to catch typographical errors. Analysis in modern times has revealed that in fact, there are only two errors in the entire printing: a single broken letter, and a missing punctuation mark! This level of accuracy would be very impressive today… but in the 1700’s, it was astonishing. It set the standard of excellence for the next 110 years of Bibles printed in America. Only a few dozen of these “Bibles of Colonial America” exist today.

These leaves measure approximately 10 to 11 inches tall by 8 to 9 inches wide. Because rag cotton linen paper was a precious commodity in early America, these leaves were printed on wood-pulp paper; somewhat like books today… but a much thicker stock of paper. Each leaf is a unique piece of ancient artwork, carefully produced one-at-a-time using a movable-type press, and later bound together into whole Bibles. These genuine original antiquities are very rare and precious pieces of our American history and our Christian heritage. We offer them for considerably less than the $200 to $500 that they sell for in frame shops and gallerias across America. Imagine… having a favorite passage of scripture from the first family Bible printed in America: The Collins Bible.


ITEM # ICB-1: $59 - a random leaf (we select a passage)
ITEM # ICB-2: $79 – a leaf of your chosen “non-premium” passage
ITEM # ICB-3: $99 to $149 – a “premium” passage of your choice
Click Here for a definition of “premium” vs. “non-premium” passages.

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1791 Collins Bible Leaf Brochure 1791 Collins Bible Leaf Affidavit of Originality