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Privacy Policy / Greatsite Marketing

So… you are among the one in ten thousand people who actually read Privacy Policy Statements?

In Part One, we provide you with some forthright statements in plain English that should satisfy any reasonable person seeking basic privacy related information.

Below that, in Part Two, we provide the “boiler plate” attorney-mandated standard generic “Privacy Policy” for online E-commerce enabled websites. Some of the statements in Part Two seem to not be applicable to our business, and honestly, they may sound a bit creepy.  For example: we do not track your physical location via GPS, and we do not knowingly do business anyone under the age of 13, and we do not compile documents for people in California, and we do not sell your data to third parties.  Nevertheless, we have been told that we are legally required to state these odd sounding things, warning you about what might happen when you visit any website, (even if such statements do not apply to visiting our website … isn’t that weird?), in order to be allowed to process transactions online, so we state them here to be in mandated compliance.  These prefatory comments are not intended to negate any statements that follow.

PART ONE: Plain English

The Handling of Sensitive Credit Card / Debit Card Data

Concerning the handling of your sensitive credit card or debit card information, we are fully PCI-compliant, and we are audited annually, to insure that we handle your payment data in a totally secure and private manner, and that it remains fully secured and protected at all times.

We do not store your credit or debit card data on our own computers, though our online merchant processing bank which runs the charge does store your credit card data, as would always be the case when ordering anything from any merchant anywhere.

Concerning Receipts / Invoices

We do not provide printed paper receipts or invoices with pricing information, placed into the box with our shipments.  This is mainly because many of our shipments are intended to be gifts, and so discretion is warranted in our packaging. If you specifically request a receipt / invoice, we can email one directly to you, and you can print it out if you need a printed copy.  Your monthly credit card billing statement also serves as a receipt.

Delivery of Packages

We ship everything exclusively via Fed Ex.  We do not use United Parcel Service (UPS).  We do not use the Unites States Postal Service (USPS), so nothing that you order from our company will ever arrive in your home’s mail box, and we cannot ship to a USPS Post Office Box, and we cannot ship to a military “APO” Postal Box.  We can only ship to an actual physical street address, (such as your home, your place of work, or the home or place of work of a friend, relative, neighbor, or associate of yours).
Personal private mail boxes that are not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, are acceptable, and we can ship there.

Signing or Not Signing for Delivery

We are often asked by our customers whether or not they will have to sign for delivery of their package when it arrives.  This is a complicated question with many variables, and a complicated answer.  Essentially, we the shipper, do not have full control of whether or not you will have to sign for your packages.  While we may request that Fed Ex obtain a signature on all high-value packages, there are some instances in which they fail to do so, and they just leave the package at a door and walk away.  The factors which may influence a Fed Ex driver’s decision to obtain a signature or not obtain a signature include:  whether you live in a gated community, the extent to which their experience indicates that your neighborhood is or is not safe to leave packages, whether it is raining and whether or not you have a covered porch area, etc.

If the Fed Ex driver determines that a signature is required, and no adult is present to sign for the package; Fed Ex will generally leave a note on the recipient’s door indicating that delivery will automatically be re-attempted the next business day, unless Fed Ex is called later that day by the recipient and asked to hold the package at the local Fed Ex facility for recipient pick-up.

If you wish to help ensure that you must sign for your packages, or that you do not wish to sign for packages, except for high-value packages; you may indicate your preference as a recipient by calling Fed Ex at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339) and stating your personal preference for having to sign, or not having to sign, for your packages in most cases where the shipper has not indicated a “signature required” preference.  We, as the shipper, are not permitted to do this for you… Fed Ex requires that this request come directly from you, the recipient.

The Confidentiality and Privacy of Our Customers

We do not reveal data about our customers, (such as, names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit or debit card numbers, what items were purchased, what price was paid, etc.) to anyone.  We cannot even confirm or deny that an individual is a customer of ours.  We take very seriously our customers’ privacy and confidentiality of any purchases made.

The only exceptions are: those few people who have agreed to allow us to quote them in the “References & Endorsements” area of our website.  Of course, if we are legally subpoenaed to reveal one particular customer’s information in a criminal investigation, then we have no choice but to comply.  We love you, but we’re not going to jail with you.

We do not sell, rent, lease, trade, barter, or give away any of your customer information to other merchants, banks, individuals, corporations, charities, or organizations.  It is always kept private.  You will not find yourself on any spam list or unsolicited email list as a result of placing an order with us, or joining our Email Newsletter List.

Visiting Our Website Anonymously Without Tracking

It is very easy to visit our website (or any website for that matter) anonymously, without allowing your visit to be tracked or statistically logged.  
1.)  You may “turn off cookies” within your web browser as it applies to individual websites or to all websites you visit.
2.)  You may simply select the “private browsing mode” or “anonymous browsing mode” within your web browser.  
3.) If you are really hard-core… and you want to get all “James Bond” on this… you can use V.P.N. (Virtual Private Network) software which masks your IP address and facilitates anonymous web surfing.

Signing Up For Our Email Newsletter is Voluntary and not Automatic

Placing an order with us does not automatically put you on our Email List to receive our Email Newsletter.  Many companies boldly and assumptively do this, but we do not.  You must choose to join our Email Newsletter by opting-in… and then when you receive a confirmation email, you must again confirm that you did wish to subscribe to our Email Newsletter.  This is called “double-opt-in”, and it insures that we never spam anyone, and we only email people who contact us first, and who want to communicate with us.  

Also, we keep your email address confidential, and we do not sell, rent, lease, trade, barter, or give away your email address to anyone.  You may unsubscribe from our Email Newsletter at any time by simply clicking on the link to “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any Email Newsletter you receive from us.

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy.

The Limitation of Liability Clause

In no event shall / Greatsite Marketing or its owner(s), business associates, suppliers, providers, directors, or consultants of any tier be liable directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect damages, real or imaginary, explicit or implicit, consequential or inconsequential, special or regular, punitive or exemplary, including but in no way limited to:  emotional, mental, or psychological damage due to being offended by the contents of our website or our email communications or our telephone communications, physical injury due to the improper or simply repetitive use of keyboard, mouse, or trackpad while visiting our website, physical injury due to the light from a computer monitor negatively impacting the user’s eyes, physical injury due to usage or placement of the telephone while in conversation with representatives of our company, or any claimed damages resulting from our deliver currier (FedEx) being late in the delivery of an item ordered, regardless of the legal theory or jurisdiction under which such liabilities may be claimed.

If the above paragraph is not litigious enough for you… here comes Part Two…

PART TWO:  The Required Legal Stuff


Last Update October 2021

INTRODUCTION (“we” or “us” or “our”) respects the privacy of our users (“user” or “you”). This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your information when you visit our website, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected thereto (collectively, the “Site”). Please read this privacy policy carefully. If you do not agree with the terms of this privacy policy, please do not access the site.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last Updated” date of this Privacy Policy. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the updated Privacy Policy on the Site, and you waive the right to receive specific notice of each such change or modification.

You are encouraged to periodically review this Privacy Policy to stay informed of updates. You will be deemed to have been made aware of, will be subject to, and will be deemed to have accepted the changes in any revised Privacy Policy by your continued use of the Site after the date such revised Privacy Policy is posted. 


We may collect information about you in a variety of ways. The information we may collect on the Site includes:

Personal Data

Personally identifiable information, such as your name, shipping address, email address, and telephone number, and demographic information, such as your age, gender, hometown, and interests, that you voluntarily give to us when you choose to participate in various activities related to the Site, such as online chat, completing an order and message boards. You are under no obligation to provide us with personal information of any kind, however your refusal to do so may prevent you from using certain features of the Site [and our mobile application].

Derivative Data

Information our servers automatically collect when you access the Site, such as your IP address, your browser type, your operating system, your access times, and the pages you have viewed directly before and after accessing the Site.

Financial Data

Financial information, such as data related to your payment method (e.g. valid credit card number, card brand, expiration date) that we may collect when you purchase, order, return, exchange, or request information about our services from the Site. We store only very limited, if any, financial information that we collect. Otherwise, all financial information is stored by our payment processor, Paypal, and you are encouraged to review their privacy policy and contact them directly for responses to your questions.

Facebook Permissions

The Site may by default access your Facebook basic account information, including your name, email, gender, birthday, current city, and profile picture URL, as well as other information that you choose to make public. We may also request access to other permissions related to your account, such as friends, check ins, and likes, and you may choose to grant or deny us access to each individual permission. For more information regarding Facebook permissions, refer to the Facebook Permissions Reference page.

Data From Social Networks

User information from social networking sites, such as [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter], including your name, your social network username, location, gender, birth date, email address, profile picture, and public data for contacts, if you connect your account to such social networks. 

Mobile Device Data

Device information, such as your mobile device ID, model, and manufacturer, and information about the location of your device, if you access the Site from a mobile device.

Third-Party Data

Information from third parties, such as personal information or network friends, if you connect your account to the third party and grant the Site permission to access this information.

Data From Contests, Giveaways, and Surveys

Personal and other information you may provide when entering contests or giveaways and/or responding to surveys.

Mobile Application Information

If you connect using our mobile application:

  • Geo-Location Information. We may request access or permission to and track location-based information from your mobile device, either continuously or while you are using our mobile application, to provide location-based services. If you wish to change our access or permissions, you may do so in your device’s settings.
  • Mobile Device Data. We may collect device information (such as your mobile device ID, model and manufacturer), operating system, version information and IP address.


Having accurate information about you permits us to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and customized experience. Specifically, we may use information collected about you via the Site to:

  • Administer sweepstakes, promotions, and contests.
  • Assist law enforcement and respond to subpoena.
  • Compile anonymous statistical data and analysis for use internally or with third parties.
  • Create and manage your account.
  • Deliver targeted advertising, coupons, newsletters, and other information regarding promotions and the Site to you.
  • Email you regarding your account or order.
  • Enable user-to-user communications.
  • Fulfill and manage purchases, orders, payments, and other transactions related to the Site.
  • Generate a personal profile about you to make future visits to the Site more personalized.
  • Increase the efficiency and operation of the Site.
  • Monitor and analyze usage and trends to improve your experience with the Site.
  • Notify you of updates to the Site.
  • Offer new products, services, and/or recommendations to you.
  • Perform other business activities as needed.
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions, monitor against theft, and protect against criminal activity.
  • Process payments and refunds.
  • Request feedback and contact you about your use of the Site.
  • Resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems.
  • Respond to product and customer service requests.
  • Send you a newsletter.
  • Solicit support for the Site.


We may share information we have collected about you in certain situations. Your information may be disclosed as follows:  

By Law or to Protect Rights

If we believe the release of information about you is necessary to respond to legal process, to investigate or remedy potential violations of our policies, or to protect the rights, property, and safety of others, we may share your information as permitted or required by any applicable law, rule, or regulation. This includes exchanging information with other entities for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

Third-Party Service Providers

We may share your information with third parties that perform services for us or on our behalf, including payment processing, data analysis, email delivery, hosting services, customer service, and marketing assistance.

Marketing Communications

With your consent, or with an opportunity for you to withdraw consent, we may share your information with third parties for marketing purposes, as permitted by law.

Interactions with Other Users

If you interact with other users of the Site, those users may see your name, profile photo, and descriptions of your activity, including sending invitations to other users, chatting with other users, liking posts, following blogs.

Online Postings

When you post comments, contributions or other content to the Site, your posts may be viewed by all users and may be publicly distributed outside the Site [and our mobile application] in perpetuity.

Third-Party Advertisers

We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit the Site. These companies may use information about your visits to the Site and other websites that are contained in web cookies in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.


We may share your information with our affiliates, in which case we will require those affiliates to honor this Privacy Policy. Affiliates include our parent company and any subsidiaries, joint venture partners or other companies that we control or that are under common control with us.

Business Partners

We may share your information with our business partners to offer you certain products, services or promotions.

Other Third Parties

We may share your information with advertisers and investors for the purpose of conducting general business analysis. We may also share your information with such third parties for marketing purposes, as permitted by law.

Sale or Bankruptcy

If we reorganize or sell all or a portion of our assets, undergo a merger, or are acquired by another entity, we may transfer your information to the successor entity. If we go out of business or enter bankruptcy, your information would be an asset transferred or acquired by a third party. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur and that the transferee may decline honor commitments we made in this Privacy Policy.

We are not responsible for the actions of third parties with whom you share personal or sensitive data, and we have no authority to manage or control third-party solicitations. If you no longer wish to receive correspondence, emails or other communications from third parties, you are responsible for contacting the third party directly.


Cookies (not something you eat…)

We may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other tracking technologies on the Site to help customize the Site and improve your experience. When you access the Site, your personal information is not collected through the use of tracking technology. Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. You can remove or reject cookies, but be aware that such action could affect the availability and functionality of the Site. You may not decline web beacons. However, they can be rendered ineffective by declining all cookies or by modifying your web browser’s settings to notify you each time a cookie is tendered, permitting you to accept or decline cookies on an individual basis.

We may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other tracking technologies on the Site to help customize the Site and improve your experience. For more information on how we use cookies, please refer to our Cookie Policy posted on the Site, which is incorporated into this Privacy Policy. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by our Cookie Policy.

Internet-Based Advertising

Additionally, we may use third-party software to serve ads on the Site, implement email marketing campaigns, and manage other interactive marketing initiatives. This third-party software may use cookies or similar tracking technology to help manage and optimize your online experience with us. For more information about opting-out of interest-based ads, visit the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out Tool or Digital Advertising Alliance Opt-Out Tool.

Website Analytics

We may also partner with selected third-party vendors, such as Google Analytics, to allow tracking technologies and remarketing services on the Site through the use of first party cookies and third-party cookies, to, among other things, analyze and track users’ use of the Site, determine the popularity of certain content and better understand online activity. By accessing the Site, you consent to the collection and use of your information by these third-party vendors. You are encouraged to review their privacy policy and contact them directly for responses to your questions. We do not transfer personal information to these third-party vendors. However, if you do not want any information to be collected and used by tracking technologies, you can visit the third-party vendor or the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out Tool or Digital Advertising Alliance Opt-Out Tool.

You should be aware that getting a new computer, installing a new browser, upgrading an existing browser, or erasing or otherwise altering your browser’s cookies files may also clear certain opt-out cookies, plug-ins, or settings.


The Site may contain links to third-party websites and applications of interest, including advertisements and external services, that are not affiliated with us. Once you have used these links to leave the Site, any information you provide to these third parties is not covered by this Privacy Policy, and we cannot guarantee the safety and privacy of your information. Before visiting and providing any information to any third-party websites, you should inform yourself of the privacy policies and practices (if any) of the third party responsible for that website, and should take those steps necessary to, in your discretion, protect the privacy of your information. We are not responsible for the content or privacy and security practices and policies of any third parties, including other sites, services or applications that may be linked to or from the Site.


We use administrative, technical, and physical security measures to help protect your personal information. While we have taken reasonable steps to secure the personal information you provide to us, please be aware that despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable, and no method of data transmission can be guaranteed against any interception or other type of misuse. Any information disclosed online is vulnerable to interception and misuse by unauthorized parties. Therefore, we cannot guarantee complete security if you provide personal information.


We do not knowingly solicit information from or market to children under the age of 18. If you become aware of any data we have collected from children under age 18, please contact us using the contact information provided below.


Most web browsers and some mobile operating systems include a Do-Not-Track (“DNT”) feature or setting you can activate to signal your privacy preference not to have data about your online browsing activities monitored and collected. No uniform technology standard for recognizing and implementing DNT signals has been finalized. As such, we do not currently respond to DNT browser signals or any other mechanism that automatically communicates your choice not to be tracked online. If a standard for online tracking is adopted that we must follow in the future, we will inform you about that practice in a revised version of this Privacy Policy./Most web browsers and some mobile operating systems [and our mobile applications] include a Do-Not-Track (“DNT”) feature or setting you can activate to signal your privacy preference not to have data about your online browsing activities monitored and collected. If you set the DNT signal on your browser, we will respond to such DNT browser signals.


Emails and Communications

If you no longer wish to receive correspondence, emails, or other communications from us, you may opt-out by:

  • Noting your preferences at the time you register your account with the Site
  • Logging into your account settings and updating your preferences.
  • Contacting us using the contact information provided below

If you no longer wish to receive correspondence, emails, or other communications from third parties, you are responsible for contacting the third party directly.


California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as the “Shine The Light” law, permits our users who are California residents to request and obtain from us, once a year and free of charge, information about categories of personal information (if any) we disclosed to third parties for direct marketing purposes and the names and addresses of all third parties with which we shared personal information in the immediately preceding calendar year. If you are a California resident and would like to make such a request, please submit your request in writing to us using the contact information provided below.

If you are under 18 years of age, reside in California, and have a registered account with the Site, you have the right to request removal of unwanted data that you publicly post on the Site . To request removal of such data, please contact us using the contact information provided below, and include the email address associated with your account and a statement that you reside in California. We will make sure the data is not publicly displayed on the Site, but please be aware that the data may not be completely or comprehensively removed from our systems.


If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Greatsite Marketing

John L. Jeffcoat
7512 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Suite 50-770
Orlando, FL 32819-5420