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Our Biggest and Most Popular Bible Leaf

King James Pulpit Bible:
First Printing of the Most Printed Book in the World

A leaf from the very first press run of the original King James Bible: literally printed in the year 1611 in London, England… these leaves are over 400 years old. For many people, the English language Bible as we know it today IS the King James Bible, and there is no printing of the King James Bible even ONE year older than these 1611 leaves. They come with a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity printed on marbleized cardstock. The King James Bible remains the greatest book in the English language, and the best-selling book of all time. Whether framed and displayed in your home, or given as a wonderfully unique gift: these ancient original treasures are so large and beautifully typeset as to command the attention they deserve. They really cause people to stop and stare in awe… and sometimes in disbelief that it could possibly be the real thing. It is!

These HUGE “Pulpit Folio” size leaves measure approximately 15 to 16 inches tall by 10 to11 inches wide... you can read them from half-way across the room. They are our largest, most beautiful, and most popular Bible leaves. Printed on 100% rag cotton linen sheet, not wood-pulp paper like books today; they remain in excellent condition… even after 400 years. Each leaf is a unique piece of ancient artwork, carefully produced one-at-a-time by the King’s printers using a movable-type press, and later bound together into whole Bibles, and chained to every church pulpit in England. These genuine original antiquities are among the most rare and precious pieces of our history and our Christian heritage.

We offer these 1611 King James Pulpit Folio First Edition Bible Leaves for considerably less than the “$5,000 each” that both Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and John Hagee Ministries have been selling them for on National Television for many years! We offer those SAME leaves at under $300, and the extremely elaborate Title Pages (first chapter of a book) start at under $600.

This is simply one of the most impressive things you could possibly have hanging on the wall in your home. People often call us back to tell us how the gift of one of these 1611 King James Bible Leaves brought the recipient of the gift to tears. Imagine… having a favorite passage of scripture from the first printing of the most printed book in the world: The King James Bible of 1611. Call today to see if your favorite passage of scripture is available.


Note: The narration of this video was done in 2008, so the statement that these leaves were "397 years old" is out-of-date. These 1611 leaves are more than four centuries old now, as they were literally printed in 1611.

ITEM # KJF-1: $295 - A Regular Selection from the Old Testament
ITEM # KJF-2: $395 – A Regular Selection from the New Testament or Psalms
ITEM # KJF-3: $595 - $995 – Most Title Pages (very ornate)
ITEM # KJF-4: $1,500 - $7,500+ INQUIRE for a price quote on very “premium” selections such as Genesis 1, Psalm 23, The Ten Commandments, John 3:16, etc.

Note: Yes, the Apocrypha WAS part of the 1611 King James Bible (and virtually ALL Bibles printed prior to its removal in 1885). Apocrypha leaves start at just $175.

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Psalms Leaf from 1611 King James Bible Authenticity Certificate for King James Bible Leaf