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1522 Complutensian Polyglot Bible
Facsimile Reproduction

The First Printing of God's Word in the Original Biblical Languages

God's Word is the ancient Hebrew Old Testament Era scriptures and the ancient Greek New Testament Era scriptures. For about a thousand years (circa 400 AD to 1,400 AD), the scriptures were primarily kept in Latin, which was originally a very accurate Latin translation, but it became corrupted over the centuries by the Church of Rome. The Protestant Reformation was all about replacing that corrupted Latin with accurate translations of God's Word into languages people could read, such as English, German, Spanish, etc. The goal was to set people free from the heresies, deceptions, and financial extortion scams (selling admission to heaven, selling forgiveness ) which were being perpetrated on them by those seeking to prevent the public from reading God's Word on their own, to see what it really said.

But before Gods' Word could be translated into the commonly spoken European languages like English (by Tyndale) and German (by Luther) and Spanish (by De Renia)... an accurate source text of the original Biblical languages was needed.

In one of the greatest ironies of history, it was actually a Spanish Cardinal of the Church of Rome that spearheaded the effort to collect and preserve God's Word accurately in the original tongues. Cardinal Francisco Jimenez (or Ximenes) may have been associated with the Roman Catholic Church, but he was certainly acting like a Protestant as he spent the equivalent of $12.5 million in gold to acquire and typeset the very first printed Bible in the original languages of Hebrew (and Aramaic) and Greek, and as it was the standard reference of its day, he also included the Latin... all in side-by-side columns.

The result was the six-volume Complutensian Polyglot Bible, which was printed between 1514 and 1522, but not bound and published until 1522. It is one of the three most important books ever printed in human history. It's 1514 printing of the New Testament in the original Greek predates the Erasmus 1516 edition by two years, making it the very first printing of a Greek New Testament, as well as the first printing of a complete Bible in the original languages. Most importantly, it gave the Protestant Reformers an accurate source text from which to translate and to make God's Word available in many European languages throughout the 1500's.

​​​​​​​The typesetting, with its several different blocks of languages grouped across the pages, makes the Complutensian Polyglot Bible one of the most beautiful printed books ever produced.

In spite of how extremely important this book is, fewer than 200 people today personally own a copy of it (either original or facsimile), as so very few originals and so very few facsimile copies have ever been produced. It is indeed an elite club to be among those very few people in the world who possess a copy of the first printing of the Bible in the original languages.

And let's be clear: regardless of whether you can read it or not, if you don't own a copy of the Bible in the original ancient Greek and ancient Hebrew... you don't really own a copy of the Bible as God delivered it unto Man... you just own a "translation" of the Bible into a modern European language that did not exist in any recognizable form 1,000 years ago... like English or German.

We have discounted our beautiful Complutensian Polyglot Bible, in 6 volumes, each volume bound in fiscagomma leatherette and individually slipcased... from its original offering price of $5,995... down to just a small fraction of that amount.

The Leather edition is available at $3,495 marked down from $7,995; please note the leather edition is bound in the same style as the regular edition. The leather edition is no longer available in the sculpted binding.


ITEM # FR-CP1522: Complutensian Polyglot 6-Volume with Slipcase: Sold Out!

ITEM # FR-CP1522D: The Leather edition - Complutensian Polyglot: Sold Out!

SPECIAL BONUS: You will also receive a free copy of our own privately-published book How The Spanish Saved Christianity - A History of The Complutensian Polyglot Bible.

Text From Volume 1

Text From Volume 4



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