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1769 Revised Standard Oxford Edition
of the 1611 King James Bible
Compiled by Dr. Benjamin Blaney


While the original 1611 First Edition King James Bible remains our best-selling facsimile reproduction; most people are shocked to learn that the 1611 is actually not the source text used in nearly all published “King James Version” Bibles that have been printed for the past 250 years.  In fact, it was the 1769 Standard Oxford Edition of the King James Version, as edited and compiled by Dr. Benjamin Blaney, which is the source text used by all Bible publishers to print “King James Version” Bibles for the past two and a half centuries up to today.  

Blaney made extensive use of Dr. Samuel Johnson’s 1755 First Edition of the English Language Dictionary, which sought to bring uniform and correct modern spelling, punctuation, and formally accepted rules of grammar, to the English language for the first time. However, beyond simply correcting more than 20,000 spelling and punctuation “mistakes” in the 1611 King James Bible, such as using modern spellings like “city” rather than “citie”; Blaney also initiated more than 400 corrections of wording.  Here are just three examples:

Numbers 6: 14
1611 to 1768 KJV Bibles:  one lamb without blemish
1769 to 2017 KJV Bibles:  one ram without blemish 

Ezekiel 24: 7
1611 to 1768 KJV Bibles:  poured it upon the ground
1769 to 2017 KJV Bibles:  poured it not upon the ground

John 15: 20
1611 to 1768 KJV Bibles:  The servant is not greater than the Lord.
1769 to 2017 KJV Bibles:  The servant is not greater than his lord.

Essentially, this 1769 edition is the first edition of the King James Version text that we all know and love today, however it has the additional benefit and feature of pre-dating the 1880’s removal of the 14 inter-testamental books called “Apocrypha”, which King James insisted on including in his 1611 edition and which were in nearly all Bibles from the very first Bibles up until the 1880’s.  So you do have the full 80-Book Bible in this magnificent 1769 edition, just as you also do in the beloved 1611 original edition, in contrast to the edited so-called “King James Version” Bibles printed from the 1880’s up to today which contain only 66 Books.

Another improvement Blaney brought to the King James Version text, was to print it in a beautiful and easier-to-read Roman Typeface, rather than the fancy and much harder-to-read calligraphy-like ‘Gothic Blackletter Typeface of the 1611 edition.  The Bible Museum has, however, preserved the wonderful Genealogy of Mankind from Adam to Christ and the John Speed Map of the Holy Land from the 1611 King James Bible, and included them in the prefatory area of this 1769 facsimile reproduction. You may click below to view several sample page images, and also you may click here to view our photo gallery of 1769 facsimile images.

For more details on how Blaney’s 1769 Revised Standard Oxford Edition of the King James Bible fits into the historical timeline, you may wish to click here to read this article written by Dr. Craig Lampe, the leading authority on the history of the English Bible. 

Measuring almost 16.5 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide by 3 inches thick, the first twenty (20) are in a limited edition binding of Italian Fiscagomma, the finest leatherette made today, virtually indistinguishable from real leather, but much stronger to provide for a lifetime of use.  It is issued in 2017 in observance of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation that we date from Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany in 1517.

With an MSRP of $495, this 1769 facsimile edition is offered at an introductory cost of just $235 with free shipping in the USA (international shipping costs are detailed in the drop-down menu below).  As a free bonus, we are including a genuine original leaf (page) from the 1769 quarto-sized printing of this 1769 folio-sized edition, along with a signed authenticity certificate for the leaf. 

This large folio first edition of what has been known as the “King James Version” for the past two-and-a-half centuries… Blaney’s 1769 Revised Standard Oxford Edition of the King James Bible, makes a great Family Bible and heirloom to display in your home.  Order yours today to take advantage of the introductory pricing. 





ITEM # FR-RSO: $235– The 1769 Revised Standard Oxford Edition

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Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden

Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden Detail of Map of Eden