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1782 aitken
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1782 Robert Aitken Bible
Facsimile Reproduction

The first Bible printed in the English language in America. Called “The Bible of the Revolution”, Robert Aitken’s little Bible was small enough to fit into the coat pocket of the Revolutionary War soldiers. This Bible measures 7.25" tall by 4.75" wide by 2.5" thick. The only Bible printing ever called for by an act of the United States Congress; this King James Version Bible helped meet the need for scriptures while England refused to allow their Bibles to be imported by the rebellious colonists, during the embargo of the Revolutionary War.

This amazing testimony to the Founding Fathers of America is a $350 value. It is yours for only $149

As a curious side note: Robert Aitken’s daughter, Jane Aitken, went on to become the first woman in the history of the world to ever print a Bible. Jane published a translation into English done by the Secretary of the United States Congress, which was itself actually the first non-King James version English language Bible ever printed in America (or the Western Hemisphere for that matter).

1782 aitken   1782 aitken   1782 aitken   1782 aitken   1782 aitken
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ITEM # FR-RAF: $149 for the Genuine Leather Edition.

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