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22 CD-ROM Collection

The 22 CD-ROM Collection

Containing the complete 1611 King James Bible optically scanned-in, Webster’s 400,000-word 1913 Dictionary, Calvin’s Institutes, Pilgrim’s Progress, many of Shakespeare’s plays, all the important documents of American history, The McGuffy Readers, and over 400 other famous books… and the complete 29-volume “Eleventh Edition” of the 1910-1917 Encyclopedia Britannica – the last time the sum total of human knowledge was ever printed from a Christian perspective. Over 14 gigabytes on 22 CD-ROMs in a very nice case… for less than $10 per CD-ROM. Over 60,000 children have been home-schooled from this set, however, the set remains equally popular with adults who simply want to add this massive compendium of hard-to-find resources to their personal library.

This may be the biggest bargain we have ever offered in the history of our company. For years now, our customers have been asking for high-quality computer scanned image CD-ROM editions of such great books as the 1611 King James Pulpit Bible, and other such important works. Here is a collection that would be the envy of any Christian school or library. On TWENTY-TWO (22) CD-ROMS, housed in a nice carrying case, this set contains all of the following:

  • The complete 1611 First Edition King James Pulpit Bible. (Remember, these are computer-scanned page-by-page high-resolution images of the originals, not some re-typeset version done for CD-ROM)
  • The complete 29-volume (30,000 page) 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica, the last time that the sum-total of human knowledge was ever printed from a Christian perspective (Britannica "went secular" with their next edition, and has remained so ever since then). Britannica has long been acknowledged as the greatest encyclopedia ever written, and because this is edition is 88 years old... it is "public domain" and "copyright-free". Of course, you won't find any articles on the Space Shuttle in this edition... but remember: 98% of recorded history occurred prior to 1910 and the articles in this edition pertaining to much of that history are much more in-depth than in the current 21st Century editions of Britannica!
  • The massive 400,000-word 1913 edition of Webster's Dictionary.
  • 2,000 historical illustrations of American history and geography, including over 1,000 beautiful prints of Civil War events
  • A beautifully illustrated travelogue of the United States published in 1872, providing a rare opportunity to see our nation's cities and wilderness in an era before it was extensively populated and developed.
  • The wonderful old McGuffy's Readers (7 volumes) for grades 1-6, used by every little one-room schoolhouse in America to educate our great-grand parents.
  • Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, The Pilgrim’s Progress, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Essays of John Locke, Many Plays of William Shakespeare, The Federalist Papers, All the Important Documents of American History.
  • Hundreds of the most famous books ever written, such as: Aesop’s Fables, Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, A Tale of Two Cities, Ivanhoe, Little Women, The Wealth of Nations, The Poems of Kipling...and many, many more.
  • Several modern self-teaching textbooks on everything from chemistry to thermodynamics!
Over 14 Gigabytes on 22 CD-ROMs in a very nice case! This set was originally designed by Art Robinson as the most comprehensive Christian home-schooling curriculum ever made... and over 60,000 home-schooled children are currently using it! It is truly a "must have" for every Christian home library. If the 22 CD ROMs were offered at full retail price of $45 each, the set would cost $990. The whole thing is yours for $195. No, that’s not a misprint. Don’t hurt yourself rushing to the phone.


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