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High-Quality Facsimile Reproductions

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1385 Wycliffe Manuscript New Testament
Facsimile Reproduction

This is the very first translation of the scriptures into the English language. It is a beautiful hand-written manuscript. John Wycliffe is called “The Morning Star of the Reformation”. He was the first person to translate the Bible into the English language. Because he lived nearly a century before Gutenberg invented the printing press, his New Testaments and Bibles were of course, hand-written manuscripts. Wycliffe is also credited with being the inventor of bifocal eyeglasses (necessity being the mother of invention).

While a number of "typed-out" printings of Wycliffe’s original manuscripts have been done over the years, this Facsimile Reproduction is the only actual photo-copy- type facsimile that has ever been done. It actually shows what the original manuscript looked like, and not just what it said. Measuring approximately 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide by 2 inches thick, and bound in a lovely hardcover blue cloth with gold stamping on the spine, this special “limited edition” collector’s item was produced in 1985 to celebrate the 600th Anniversary of the circa 1385 original. It is about 400 pages, along with a dozen pages of introductory background information bound in the front.

This is the only one of our regular facsimiles that we ourselves did not produce. They are 20 years old and now out-of-print, but in brand-new condition. Once our limited supply is sold, there are no more available. One of our customers is already actively reselling them for $350 each… which is double our price!

While the handwritting is reasonably neat and legible; it is a handwritten manuscript, and not an easy-to-read typed-out book printing like our other facsimiles.  Also, the English of the 1300's is much more difficult to read than the English of the 1500's and 1600's... so this 1385 Wycliffe Manuscript facsimile is much more challenging to read than any other facsimile we offer.

If you wish to be able to easily read and study Wycliffe's translation, we strongly recommend that you consider our 1841 Hexapla Facsimile, which offers the Wycliffe translation typed-out in easy-to-read modern type, (with the original spellings and wording preserved) rather than this 1385 Wycliffe Manuscript facsimile.

If, however, you want to be able to see for yourself, and show others, exactly what the very first English scriptures looked like, but our genuine original Wycliffe New Testament offered in the Platinum Room of our Ancient Rare Bibles & Books section at $2.75 Million is more than you wanted to spend… consider this one, for less than one ten-thousandth of the original’s price.


ITEM # FR-WNT: - The 1385 Wycliffe New Testament Facsimile

SORRY... we are SOLD OUT of this 1385 hand-written manuscript
Wycliffe New Testament Facsimile, and no more will ever be available.

If you want a facsimile of the Wycliffe New Testament,
please click below to view the ONLY one we currently produce:

Click Here for the 1378 / 1731 Wycliffe New Testament First Printed Edition Facsimile

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