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The Forbidden Book
Bible History Symposium

Our next Bible History Symposium has NOT yet been scheduled. Please be assured that the very same day that we know when it will be, is the same day that we will post that information. There is no need to call us on the phone to inquire... we promise the schedule will be posted here in this box just as soon as we set the dates.
“The Forbidden Book” Bible History Symposium presented by GREATSITE.COM and The Bible Museum, Inc., is held at our Arizona Showroom at least twice a year, and draws hundreds of people from all over the country. Dr. Craig Lampe, co-founder and International Director of the World Bible Society, is our keynote speaker, and there is no charge to attend. Join us for two days that will transform your mind and stir your heart, as you learn how God has preserved His Word through the ages.

We start on a Friday afternoon, and finish on Saturday afternoon. Sit in on any or all of eight fascinating and entertaining one-hour topical lectures on subjects not usually taught in churches or even Bible Colleges, such as:

  1. How Ancient Old Testament Hebrew Influenced Modern English
  2. The Translation of the Greek New Testament into English
  3. The Apocrypha: Why All Bibles Printed Before 1885 had 80 Books
  4. The Preservation of God’s Word in Latin through the Dark Ages
  5. Morning Star of the Reformation: John Wycliffe
  6. Shining Lights of the Reformation: Martin Luther & William Tyndale
  7. The Pre-King James English Bible Versions of the 1500’s
  8. Faith of our Founding Fathers: The Bible in Colonial America
  9. Question and Answer Session

You will also have an opportunity to tour our Bookvault, and flip through the pages of Bibles costing up to a half-million dollars each! Browse through our bookshelves and explore the world’s largest private collection of rare and antique Bibles. Such a hands-on experience would not be permitted by any museum in the world… but we encourage visitors to touch any of our Bibles. You may also take as many pictures as you like.

Located just a 20 minute drive from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and less than one mile from Interstate 10, our Bible History Symposium is held in one of Arizona’s most luxurious hotels (which we own). The lectures are held in the Grand Banquet Hall… and our rare Bible Showroom, and our Bookvault, and your hotel suite (if you wish to stay the evening with us), are all in the same building. For more pictures of our beautiful hotel and our showroom, visit our Company History & Showroom Page.
Each guest suite features an oversized whirlpool tub, large screen televisions, and breathtaking views of the mountains and the world-class golf course that surrounds the hotel. A beautiful center atrium with a pool, hot tub, and exercise facility featuring a basketball court, treadmill, cycles, and weights are all free for your use.

For your convenience, an in-house Avis Car Rental office is right across the hallway by the 24-hour snack room and concierge desk. Many of our guests will come out for the Symposium, then rent a car and take a drive up to see the Grand Canyon. Others prefer to play the beautiful golf course surrounding our hotel… and take advantage of the many options for shopping and dining within less than one mile. Come be our guest for an educational, inspiring, and relaxing weekend get-away… and bring your family.

Here is a note we received after our last Symposium.

My husband, sister, brother in law, and I attended your Bible History Symposium last weekend. In thirty years of walking with the Lord, your Symposium is one of the best things I have ever done.

There’s no way to adequately thank you for all offered – it was honestly too far above the bar of excellence to even describe (even though I’ve been trying). All I can say is thank you. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Thank you for the insight to truth. Thank you for the spiritual challenges. Thank you for the incredible materials. Thank you for the delicious dinner. Thank you for all I haven’t mentioned but enjoyed and learned from.

May God richly bless each of you for all you do. You are the scholars of our generation. Difference makers.

In Him,

Carole France