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Privacy Policy / Greatsite Marketing
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So... you are among the one in ten thousand people who actually want to know about our Privacy Policy?  O.K.  We are going to dispense with the usual Standard Privacy Policy legal jargon, and just talk to you in plain English.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in, because this is long and insufferably dull.  Here we go:

The Handling of Sensitive Credit Card / Debit Card Data 
Concerning the handling of your sensitive credit card or debit card information (which we generally obtain verbally over the telephone);  we are fully PCI-compliant, and we are audited annually, to insure that we handle your payment data in a totally secure and private manner, and that it remains fully secured and protected at all times.  We are required to pay a significant annual fee to confirm that we pass the test of this audited compliance. 

We do not store your credit or debit card data on our own computers, though our online merchant processing bank which runs the charge does store your credit card data, as would always be the case when ordering anything from any merchant anywhere. 

Our office computer that performs all credit or debit card charges, as well as the files containing all of our customer records, are accessible by only one person.  The office is located in Orlando, Florida, in a room protected by multiple high-security “non-pickable” MEDECO 6-pin double-cylinder locks, and two separate security systems, with full perimeter and motion detectors, and wireless and battery backups, that are monitored 24 hours-a-day.  The entire building itself is also in a gated area. 

Concerning Receipts / Invoices
We do not provide printed paper receipts or invoices with pricing information, placed into the box with our shipments.  This is mainly because many of our shipments are intended to be gifts, and so discretion is warranted in our packaging. If you specifically request a receipt / invoice, we can email one directly to you, and you can print it out if you need a printed copy.  This has been our policy since 1997, as it fully protects your privacy, and we have not received a single complaint concerning this policy so far.  

Concerning Credit / Debit Card Monthly Statements 
Of course, you do always have a printed receipt eventually, when your monthly credit card bill arrives.  On your monthly credit or debit card statement, you will notice that the charge from our company will appear under the merchant name “GREATSITE.COM” or “Greatsite Marketing /”, typically followed by our toll-free “800” phone number.  It will not appear as “The Bible Museum”, in order to provide more a more discrete record of your purchase.

Concerning Packaging & Shipping Labels
The “FROM” area on our shipping labels discretely states that your package is coming from: “Craig Lampe / Hampton Inn / F.A.D.D.D.D.”  It does not say that your package is coming from “The Bible Museum” or “”.  Again, we do this to safeguard your personal privacy, and to preserve the element of “surprise” for those ordering a gift for a fellow family member at that same address.  Another reason we do this is to protect the package itself from any potential thieves who might be tempted to intercept and steal a package labeled as coming from any type of “museum”, assuming it to be high-value.

Having said that, some of our products (particularly our larger facsimile reproductions) ship in custom-made original manufacturer boxes that do make reference to the contents being of a Biblical nature... so if this is an issue for you, please let us know when you place your order, and we can take additional steps to keep the contents of the box more secretive. 

Delivery of Packages 
We ship everything exclusively via Fed Ex.  We do not use United Parcel Service (UPS).  We do not use the Unites States Postal Service (USPS), so nothing that you order from our company will ever arrive in your home’s mail box, and we cannot ship to a USPS Post Office Box, and we cannot ship to a military “APO” Postal Box.  We can only ship to an actual physical street address, (such as your home, your place of work, or the home or place of work of a friend, relative, neighbor, or associate of yours). 
Personal private mail boxes that are not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, are acceptable, and we can ship there.

Signing or Not Signing for Delivery
We are often asked by our customers whether or not they will have to sign for delivery of their package when it arrives.  This is a complicated question with many variables, and a complicated answer.  Essentially, we the shipper, do not have full control of whether or not you will have to sign for your packages.  While we may request that Fed Ex obtain a signature on all high-value packages (which is most of our shipments), there are some instances in which they fail to do so, and they just leave the package at a door and walk away.  The factors which may influence a Fed Ex driver’s decision to obtain a signature or not obtain a signature include:  whether you live in a gated community, the extent to which their experience indicates that your neighbor is or is not safe to leave packages, whether it is raining and whether or not you have a covered porch area, etc.

If the Fed Ex driver determines that a signature is required, and no adult is present to sign for the package; Fed Ex will generally leave a note on the recipient’s door indicating that delivery will automatically be re-attempted the next business day, unless Fed Ex is called later that day by the recipient and asked to hold the package at the local Fed Ex facility for recipient pick-up.

If you wish to help insure that you must sign for your packages, or that you do not wish to sign for packages, except for high-value packages; you may indicate your preference as a recipient by calling Fed Ex at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339) and stating your personal preference for having to sign, or not having to sign, for your packages in most cases where the shipper has not indicated a “signature required” preference.  We, as the shipper, are not permitted to do this for you... Fed Ex requires that this request come directly from you, the recipient. 

The Confidentiality and Privacy of Our Customers
We do not reveal data about our customers, (such as, names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit or debit card numbers, what items were purchased, what price was paid, etc.) to anyone.  We cannot even confirm or deny that an individual is a customer of ours.  We take very seriously our customer’s privacy and confidentiality of any purchases made.

The only exceptions are: those few people who have agreed to allow us to quote them on our “References & Endorsements” page of our website, and of course, if we are legally subpoenaed to reveal one particular customer’s information in a criminal investigation, then we have no choice but to comply.  We love you, but we’re not going to jail with you, if your hobbies include felony criminal behavior. 

We do not sell, rent, lease, trade, barter, or give away any of your customer information to other merchants, banks, individuals, corporations, charities, or organizations.  It is always kept private.  You will not find yourself on any spam list or unsolicited email list as a result of placing an order with us, or joining our Email Newsletter List. 

Visiting Our Website Anonymously Without Tracking
It is very easy to visit our website (or any website for that matter) anonymously, without allowing your visit to be tracked or statistically logged.  There are basically two ways to do this:  
1.)  You may “turn off cookies” within your web browser as it applies to individual websites or to all websites you visit.
2.)  Even easier and more conveniently, you may simply select the “private browsing mode” or “anonymous browsing mode” within your web browser.  That is all you need to do to effectively prevent our company, or any other company or individual, from being able to track your visit to our website, or any other website.  It’s quick and easy.

Of course, if you are really hard-core paranoid... and you want to get all “James Bond” on this... you can load more sophisticated I.P.-masking software onto your computer.  But that’s generally not necessary, unless you are trying to illegally and anonymously hack into a computer network, and that type of behavior will generally cause two black Ford Explorers with tinted windows and license plates that start with the letter “G” to pull up into your driveway carrying some gentlemen who “would like to ask you a few questions”... and before you know it... you’re on the “No Fly List”.  As such, we discourage that type of behavior, least you find out the hard way that there is no masking software known to man that can prevent Uncle Sam from monitoring your surfing, calls, texts, or emails.   That’s the nature of the world today, so we recommend that you be aware of this, and try to stay out of trouble. 

Signing Up For Our Email Newsletter is Voluntary and not Automatic
Placing an order with us does not automatically put you on our Email List to receive our Email Newsletter.  Many companies boldly and assumptively do this, but we do not.  You must choose to join our Email Newsletter by opting-in... and then when you receive a confirmation email, you must again confirm that you did wish to subscribe to our Email Newsletter.  This is called “double-opt-in”, and it insures that we never spam anyone, and we only email people who contact us first, and who want to communicate with us.  

Also, we keep your email address confidential, and we do not sell, rent, lease, trade, barter, or give away your email address to anyone.  You may unsubscribe from our Email Newsletter at any time by simply clicking on the link to “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any Email Newsletter you receive from us.

The Limitation of Liability Clause
OK... I’m going to have to get litigious for a moment here:
In no event shall / Greatsite Marketing or its owner(s), business associates, suppliers, providers, directors, or consultants of any tier be liable directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect damages, real or imaginary, explicit or implicit, consequential or inconsequential, special or regular, punitive or exemplary, including but in no way limited to:  emotional, mental, or psychological damage due to being offended by the contents of our website or our email communications or our telephone communications, physical injury due to the improper or simply repetitive use of keyboard, mouse, or trackpad while visiting our website, physical injury due to the light from a computer monitor negatively impacting the user’s eyes, physical injury due to usage or placement of the telephone while in conversation with representatives of our company, or any claimed damages resulting from our deliver currier (FedEx) being late in the delivery of an item ordered, regardless of the legal theory or jurisdiction under which such liabilities may be claimed.

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy.
If you wish to contact us, simply click on the “Contact Us” button near the top-right corner of any page of our website.  Our telephone number, mailing address, email address, and other information is shown there.

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