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1555 Stephanus Latin Bible
, Item # ESL1555

1555 Stephanus Latin Bible
The First With Numbered Verses

[Bible in Latin.] Biblia… R. Stephanus lectori. En tibi Biblioru[m] vulgata editio, in qua iuxta Hebraicorum versuum rationem singula capita versibus distincta sunt, numeris praefixis, qui versuum numeris quos in Concordantiis nostris novis & integris, post literas marginales A B C D E F G addidimus, respondent: vt quaerendi molestia leueris, quum tibi tanquam digito, quod quaeris demonstrabunt. [Paris or Geneva]: [Conrad Badius for Robert Estienne (Robert Stephanus), 1555] (colophon: Excudebat Roberto Stephano Conradus Badius, anno M.D.LV, …) Third Stephanus (Estienne) octavo Latin Bible. Complete. *8, **4, a-z8; aa-pp8 (kk set as lzlz); A-I8; K4. 392ff.

The first Latin Bible to be printed with verse numeration as known in modern bibles. (The Stephanus versification first appears in any Bible in his 1553 French Bible, Darlow and Moule #3719, Van Eys #70.) Latin text here follows the Stephanus printings of 1538-40 and 1546. Text in double columns with references, variants and section letters in the margins. The beginning of each verse is marked by a pillcrow (paragraph mark) followed by its number. In the Old Testament books of the Hebrew Canon Stephanus adopted the already existing system of verse division, but added numbers; the New Testament here he follows his own 1551 Greek New Testament versification and numeration.

Full Calf binding, gilt spine. Very strong and handsome.

A clean and fresh copy, nicely margined.

Darlow and Moule 6135. Copinger 360.




Just The Facts

Item # ESL1555
Title Page: 1555
Size: 7 x 4 x 1.5
Font: Roman

Additional Features:
Full Calf Binding with Clamshell
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $25,000

Sale Price: $8,500

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