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Biblia Paupernum
, Item #BP1877

Biblia Paupernum Number 86 of 257 copies

Biblia Pauperum. Being Thirty-Eight Woodcuts Illustrating the Life, Parables & Miracles of Our Blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, With the Proper Descriptions thereof, extracted from the Translation of the New Testament, by John Wiclif, Sometime Rector of Lutterworth. London: Printed at the Sign of The Grasshopper, by Unwin Brothers, The Gresham Press. , 1877.

First edition. One of 257 copies printed and signed by the Unwin Brothers. This being number 86. Includes the prospectus. The book is 10 x 7 7/8 inches; and comprising 38, leaves and with thirty-eight woodblock plates each facing a page of text, for a total of just under 150 pages. Bound in elaborately stamped velum with the remnants of metal clasps still present. The text is printed in black with red initials on verso, recto blank. Woodblock plates are facing text, printed on recto, verso blank. Printed on special handmade paper, in Caxton Type No. 2. With a preface by A.P. Stanley. Original drab boards, bound to the style of the period. Boards stamped in blind, in a design taken from an early block book in the British Museum.

This limited edition was produced for the occurrence of the Caxton Celebration of 1877. The original woodblocks date to sometime between 1470-1540 and were purchased by the Unwin brothers and used to print the plates. It is unknow what work these woodblocks were originally used for the printing of, as the have not been "recognized as belonging to any printed book"... "In issuing them, combined with a suitable descriptive text, our thought has been to produce, as nearly as possible, a counterpart of an old Biblia Pauperum, and thus form a fitting memorial not only of the Caxton Celebration, but also of the Wiclif Quincentenart." (Unwin Brothers, from the note by the printer).

Herbert, 2008.

Douay Rheims


Please Note:  This is a low-resolution photo, which shows the format, but makes reading the text nearly impossible.  In reality, the text of these Bibles is large enough and clear enough to read very easily. 

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Just The Facts

Item # BP1877
Title Page: 1877

Size: 10 x 8 x 1.75

Gothic Font

Additional Features:

Full Calf
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $5,500

Sale Price: $1,995