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1549 Matthew's Bible New Testament Herbert #74
, Item #ES1549NT

Ancient Bible

1549 New Testament
Second Edition of the “Matthew’s Bible”

Black letter small folio. Collation: Complete New Testament including table at the end, title-page restored, some chips and tears or repairs throughout as expected. Some light soil. Overall very nice.

Printed in a rather peculiar black-letter; double columns, with 65 lines to the full column. References, and a few notes, etc,. in margins; contents before each chapter. The majority of the notes are printed together after the chapters. With Tyndale’s prologue to Romans.
The Second Edition of the fundamentally important 1537 “Matthew’s Bible,” – that is to say the William Tyndale Bible -- with the notes, etc., revised and edited by Edmund Berke.
The first edition was edited and seen through the press by Tyndale’s close friend John Rogers. Tyndale was martyred in Belgium in 1536 during the reign of King Henry VIII and John Rogers was martyred in 1555 under Queen Mary (“Bloody Mary”). The Second Edition of the “Matthew’s Bible” is the first to contain the name of William Tyndale: since this edition is printed under Edward VI, the 1543 Parliamentarian prohibition on Tyndale’s name has been rescinded (N.B. the first printing of any Scripture to act on this new freedom is Petyt’s 1548 Tyndale New Testament).

Containing the well-known "Wife Beater" note of 1 Peter 3 on the words to dwel a wyfe accordinge to knowledge, in which occurs the sentence, And yf she be not obedient and healpfull unto hym endevoureth to beat the feare of God into her heade, that thereby she maye be compelled to learne her duitie and do it.

This New Testament is extraordinarily important and extremely rare, as are all Bibles in English printed before Queen Mary’s reign (1553-1558).

The “Matthew’s Bible” of William Tyndale as seen through the press by John Rogers is “generally considered to be the real primary version of our English Bible” (A.S. Herbert, 1968).

Herbert 74 (New Testament Only). Darlow & Moule 47. STC 2077.


Just The Facts

Item # ES1549NT
Title Page: 1549 Original
Size:11.5 x 7.5 x 1 
Font: Black Letter 

Additional Features: 
End Papers: Cotton

Appraisal Value: $35,000

Sale Price: SOLD!