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1687 French Geneva Bible
, Item #FG1687ES

1687 French Geneva Bible


The Bible in French published in Europe was primarily based on the first French Protestant version of Pierre Robert Olivetan published in 1535 in Neuchatel. The French Geneva Bibles were as important to the Reformation among the French-speaking population of Europe as the English Geneva Bibles were to the English Reformers. Both Bibles are versified and contain numerous extensive notes, cross references, and controversial commentary.

French, English, and Spanish Bibles closely followed the original reformation cannon.

Douay Rheims



Just The Facts

Item # FG16787ES
OT Title Page: 1687
NT Title Page: 1687

Size: 10 x 8.25 x 3.75

Roman Font

Additional Features:

Full Calf
End Papers: Marble

Appraisal Value: $11,000

Sale Price: $3,500