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Quarto = 8.5 to 9.75 inches tall. Royal Quarto = 10 to 10.75" tall.
= 11 to 14.75" tall. Pulpit Folio = 15 to 20" tall. Octavo = 6 to 7.5" tall.

King James Bibles   Geneva Bibles
Pulpit Folio 1611 to 1649   Quarto 1560 to 1599
Folio 1616 to 1699  
Pulpit Folio 1650 forward   Folio All Dates
Folio 1700 forward    
Quarto King
James Bible
  Other Ancient
Bible Versions
  The Oldest English Bibles
Quarto 1630 to 1649   Polyglots & Parallel Bibles
Quarto 1650 forward   Non-English Bibles
Royal Quarto All 1700’s    
Misc King James Bibles   Ancient Theology Books
Octavo All Dates   1500's
All Early 1800's Bibles   1600's
All King James Bibles with Geneva Bible Notes   1700's forward
Bibles Printed In America

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