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High-Quality Facsimile Reproductions

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1535 Coverdale Bible:

HERE IT IS! The most anticipated facsimile to ever appear on The 1535 Coverdale Bible. The first ever printed English translation of the Bible.

One of William Tyndale’s closest friends, Myles Coverdale, actually printed the very first English language complete Bible…it was a "translation of a translation" making use of source texts such as Hebrew & Greek and "translation texts" such as Latin and German as well.

In 1535, Myles Coverdale secured his place in history forever, by becoming the first person to print an entire Bible in the English language.

In 1537 some of his translations were included in the Matthew-Tyndale Bible, the first true, direct English translation of the complete Bible. In 1538 he was in Paris, superintending the printing of King Henry VIII’s "Great Bible," of 1539, and the same year, published, both in London and Paris, an English New Testament. He also edited "Cranmer's Bible ", the 1540 edition of the Great Bible.

This remarkable facsimile stands 14" tall and is 9" wide and 3.5" thick.

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ITEM # FR-CB: The 1535 Myles Coverdale First English Bible Facsimile. $395

NOTE: The “Deluxe” binding edition is no longer available, and the Regular binding edition is no longer slipcased.

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