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Apocrypha, Apocryphal, and Referenced Books!


Apocrypha/Apocryphal Books of the Bible.

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The Apocrypha, Apocryphal, Referenced Books, and Original Leaves


This offer includes: 

1820 The Apocryphal New Testament – Included Books:

The Gospel of Mary – The Mother of Christ
The Infancy (Childhood) of Jesus Christ
The Gospel of Nicodemus / The Acts of Pontius Pilate
The Epistle of Paul to the Laodiceans
(which Paul specifically instructs us to read in Colossians 4: 16!)
The Epistle of Barnabas,
The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians
The Epistles of Ignatius to the Ephesians, Romans, & Philadelphians
The Books of Hermas, and more

Cambridge University Apocrypha – Included Books:

1 Esdras
2 Esdras
Rest of Esther
Ecclesiasticus (also known as Sirach)
Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremy
Song of the Three Children
Story of Susanna
The Idol Bel and the Dragon
Prayer of Manasseh
1 Maccabees
2 Maccabees

1840 The Book of Jasher

1882 The Book of Enoch

Two Original Bible Leaves:
Pre-1644 Geneva Quarto leaf of the Apocrypha
Pre-1650 King James Quarto Leaf of the Apocrypha

For Just $199, ADD Revelation 22:18-19 From a Pre-1644 Geneva Quarto and Pre-1650 King James Quarto Bible.