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“The Greatest Printed English Bibles of History” Set


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The 1731 Wycliffe – First Translation of the English Scriptures.
The 1536 Tyndale – First printing of the English scriptures.
The 1549 Matthew-Tyndale Bible – Earliest Available English Bible
The 1560 Geneva – Bible of the Reformation, Puritans, & Pilgrims.
The 1611 King James Mayflower Edition– Most Loved Bible of Four Centuries.
The 1841 Hexapla – Parallel Comparison of the Ancient Versions.

Click on each one above for full details on individual facsimiles.

Have an instant library of all six facsimile reproductions, at a great package price. These are the most important editions of the English language scriptures in history. So many people have called us and ordered all of these items, that we decided to make it a discount set for you.

If you purchased them individually on our website, you would pay well over $1,000 for them,
Get the set of all six, and save over 10% off our discounted individual prices (and nearly half-off full retail), plus get the great free bonus items (an additional $230 value) listed below.. all for just $895!

SPECIAL BONUS:  As our gift to you, with your purchase of this Six Facsimile Set;
you will also receive the Forbidden Book Three-Bible-Leaf Set and Forbidden Book DVD.
This package (a $230 value) sells for the discounted price of $75 on our website, however it
is your free gift with this purchase.