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1715 King James with Geneva Notes


  • Version: King James Bibles
  • Age Range: 1700 to 1799
  • Size Range: Huge Pulpit Folios (15”-18”+ Tall)
  • Appraisal Value: $10,000
  • OT Title Page: 1715
  • NT Title Page: 1715
  • Place of Printing: England & Europe
  • Actual Size: 17 x 12 x 3
  • Font: Roman
  • Other Features: Book of Common Prayer, End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf, Psalms in Meter, The Whole Book of Psalms by Thomas Sternhold


King James Version

[The Holy Bible… With most profitable Annotations]… [Amsterdam, 1715]

Very rare King James Version in folio, with the full apparatus of Geneva Bible notes.

Collates complete.

With a Sternhold and Hopkins Psalms in Meter at the back, with a Book of Common Prayer (both 1715).

Some general light browning and occasional show-through from a firm impression; majority of interior notably clean and fresh. Very well margined.

New full calf to period style, by Starr Bookworks of Arizona.

A superb reading and study Bible. Good typography.

The extensive and excellent Geneva Bible notes were rarely included in King James Version printings and make this a very interesting and useful edition.

Herbert 935 (cf 897, 1707) [KGF1015]