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The “Great He” Pulpit Folio Edition of 1611


The “Great He” Pulpit Folio Edition of 1611
OT Title Page: 1611 Facsimile
NT Title Page: 1611
Size: 16.5 x 11 x 5 in
Font: Black Letter (Gothic)

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Sale Price: $350,000

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First Edition of the King James Bible

The “Great He” Pulpit Folio Edition of 1611

[Bible in English.] The/Holy/Bible,/Conteyning the Old Testament,/ and the New:/ Newly Translated out of/the Originall/tongues: & with the former Translations/ diligently compared and reuised, by his/Maiesties speciall Comandement. /Appointed to be read in Churches./Imprinted/at London by Robert/Barker, Printer to the Kings/ most Excellent/Maiestie./Anno Dom. 1611.

Pulpit Folio. True First Folio edition of the King James Bible, known as the “Great He” Bible.

Collates complete except for A1(General title-page), which is supplied in facsimile.

Has the John Speed Genealogies (A-C6 with [A1] recto blank), as well as the rarely-inserted Speed Map, here supplied and repaired, but quite nice.

Double-columned; 59 lines: luxuriously margined, even at the top.

The occasional minor imperfection, but overall– quite gorgeous from cover to cover the tiniest marginal page repairs can be found effecting fewer than eight leaves.

The main distinguishing point sought by dealers and collectors is at Ruth 3:15 where, in the first issue, Ruth is referred to as “he” (thus, the “Great He” Bible).

There are other distinguishing points to be reckoned, and in the copy at hand these are all first edition, first printing, first issue: Genesis 10:16 — Emorite for Amorite; Exodus 14:10 — three lines repeated (here ruled out by hand); Exodus 38:11 — hoopes for hookes; Leviticus 13:56 — plaine for plague; Leaf Gggg2, verso — Joel for Micah (with the called-for headline misprint “Joel” ruled through several times and the correct MICAH supplied in amateur manuscript); Leaf Iiii6, recto — Anocrynha for Apocrypha; Leaf Xxxx3, verso — Ecclesiasticus for Baruch; Matthew 26:36 — “Jesus” as called for in this issue.

Full modern calf, tooled in blind, spine with red calf lettering pieces. Marbled