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1549 Matthew Tyndale Bible


  • 1549 Matthew/Tyndale Bible
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Second Edition of the “Matthew’s Bible”

[Bible in English.] The Byble, that/ is to say all the holy Scri-/ pture: In whych are co-/ tayned the Olde and/ New Testamente,/ truly & purely tra-/ slated into En-/ glish. & nowe/ lately with/ greate in-/ dustry & dilige-/ ce recognised./ Esaye i./ Hearken to ye heauens, and thou/ earthe geue eare: For the/ Lord speaketh./ Imprynted at/ London by Jhon Daye, dwelling/ at Aldersgate, and William/ Seres, dwelling in Peter Colledge./ Cum gratia et Priuilegio ad Impri-/ mendum solum./ xvii. Day of August. M.D.XLIX. [printed in red and black.]

Black letter small folio. The Second Edition of the fundamentally important 1537 “Matthew’s Bible,” – that is to say the William Tyndale Bible — with the notes, etc., revised and edited by Edmund Berke. The first edition was edited and seen through the press by Tyndale’s close friend John Rogers. Tyndale was martyred in Belgium in 1536 during the reign of King Henry VIII and John Rogers was martyred in 1555 under Queen Mary (“Bloody Mary”). The Second Edition of the “Matthew’s Bible” is the first to contain the name of William Tyndale: since this edition is printed under Edward VI, the 1543 Parliamentarian prohibition on Tyndale’s name has been rescinded (N.B. the first printing of any Scripture to act on this new freedom is Petyt’s 1548 Tyndale New Testament).

This book is extraordinarily important and extremely rare, as are all Bibles in English printed before Queen Mary’s reign (1553-1558).

Collation: Preliminaries: AA6, BB6, CC8 here as follows: AA[i], general title-page supplied in black facsimile, verso blank; AAii (Kalendar, in black and red) through [AAv] genuine; lacks [AAvi]; BB[i] (here signed AAi) is supplied but genuine, heavily chipped/repaired; BBii-[vi] genuine and present; gathering CC genuine and present but CCi is mis-signed Ci and CCii is not signed. In summation, 18 (of 20) preliminaries. TEXT: Old Testament: D-R6, S4, Aa-Tt6, AA-GG6, HH8, II-ZZ6, AAa7 (8, a blank, here excised as expected at end of Malachi). Apocrypha: Aaa-Mmm6, Nnn4. 

New Testament: A-S6; gathering T genuine through T3 in Revelation; T4-V8 supplied in facsimile, though some genuine leaves, quite worn, of this same section, are also inserted (T5, T6, V1, V2, V4, and V5 – that is to say, this copy lacks genuine T4, V3, and V6-8).

OT: L2 and L3 mis-signed K2 and K3, a printer’s error.

Occasional ink notes, tears and repairs, chips; some damp and other staining.

E.g., for identification: OT: [Aa5] with tear; Oo.i. in II Chronicles has notable stain; AA gathering in Psalms with some gutter staining; YY.iii in Hosea notably chipped but not into text. Apocrypha: Bbb.iiii (IV Esdras) and [Eee.v] (Wisdom) with tears into text. NT: title repaired along top of verso; E.ii in Mark with tear into text; [] in John with notable stain; S.i to end repaired and restored; gatherings T and V with repairs, inserts, and facsimiles as stated in collation above.

Modern full leather binding.

The “Matthew’s Bible” of William Tyndale as seen through the press by John Rogers is “generally considered to be the real primary version of our English Bible” (A.S. Herbert, 1968).

Herbert 74. Darlow & Moule 47. STC 2077.