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1768 8-Volume Dr. F.S. Paris Cambridge Text


  • Version: King James Bibles
  • Age Range: 1700 to 1799
  • Size Range: Standard Quartos (8”-11” Tall)
  • Appraisal Value: $18,000
  • OT Title Page: 1768
  • NT Title Page: 1768
  • Place of Printing: England & Europe
  • Actual Size: 11 x 9 x 4
  • Font: Roman
  • Other Features: Calf Binding, End Papers: Cotton, Full Calf, Index, Psalms in Meter


The 1768 Revision of the King James Version “standard” edition printed at
Cambridge: 1768 – 8 Volumes

[Bible in English.] The Holy Bible… Cambridge: Printed by J. Archdeacon and Sold by J Beercroft…, 1768.

Engraved Frontispiece.

A very charming and uniquely bound Bible into 7 volumes with the 8th volume being the Book of Common Prayer also printed in 1768.

The spine of each volume reads accordingly:
Vol. I Pentae
Vol. II Histor
Vol. III Poeti
Vol. IV Prophet
Vol. V Apoc
Vol. VI Gospel & Acts
Vol. VII Epist
Vol. VIII Common Prayer

The last Royal Quarto edition printed of Dr. F.S. Paris’ 1762 edition, the first “standardized text” of the 1st Edition 1611 King James Version in modern English published the year before Dr. B. Blaney’s 1769 “standardized text” of the Oxford University Edition.

Herbert #1188